Readymade Gates Exeter Premium Aluminium Driveway Double Gates in Black

Driveway double gates not only make a property more private and secure; they increase its kerb appeal and value too.

In the past, wood, wrought iron and steel were the go-to materials for constructing driveway gates, but we believe that aluminium has superior qualities to all three. This is why we sell Readymade Gates Aluminium Driveway Double Gates.

5 Benefits of Aluminium Driveway Double Gates

These double swing gates offer a contemporary take on a series of classic designs. They all come with a fixings kit and can be converted to electric gates, if desired (please note that we don’t supply electric conversion kits). The gates also boast the following advantages over driveway gates made from other materials:

Readymade Gates Barnstaple Premium Aluminium Driveway Double Gates in Wood Effect1. Rust-Resistant Metal Driveway Gates

Aluminium oxide generates a rust-resistant shield, making aluminium driveway gates impervious to corrosion.

Rest assured that when you buy aluminium driveway double gates, they will maintain their attractive appearance for years to come and always remain rust free.

2. Low-Maintenance Driveway Double Gates

Unlike wood and many other materials, aluminium does not require treating or maintenance.

To keep these gates looking pristine, all you need to do is occasionally clean them with soapy water and then give them a quick rinse.

3. Strong Metal Driveway Gates

Aluminium is exceptionally robust and durable, making it a great material to use for driveway double gates.

There’s no need to worry about these gates splitting, rotting or getting damaged; they are unbeatably strong and will last a lifetime. In fact, the colder the temperature, the stronger they become – ideal for chilly British winters.

Readymade Gates Exeter Premium Aluminium Driveway Double Gates in Grey4. Easy-to-Manoeuvre Gates

Aluminium gates might be tough but they’re also remarkably lightweight.

When you pull up outside your home, you won’t need to put your back into opening these double swing gates. They can be manoeuvred with ease.

5. Eco-Friendly Gates

Our driveway double gates are made from recycled aluminium and, in the unlikely event you ever tire of them, can be recycled again.

This means that the environmental impact of the production process is kept to a minimum.

How to Fit Aluminium Driveway Double Gates

You can instal our aluminium driveway double gates with a fixed or adjustable gap. They can also accommodate all types of automation, such as underground operators and automatic rams.

All gates come with a fixings kit, which includes heavy-duty wall and floor-mounted hinges, a gate handle, lock, keys and lock keep – in short, everything you need to instal them with minimal fuss. The whole process should take less than 2 hours.

In this section, we only deal with unautomated, fixed gap installation of the gates, with posts, without a drop bolt, and using both floor and wall-mounted hinges. You can see the alternative methods of installation by reading the gates’ instruction manual.

Double Driveway Gates 10-Step Installation Process

Readymade Gates Aluminium Posts and Caps1. Check the size of the gates is compatible with the width between the pillars and ensure the pillars are completely straight.

2. Position the first floor-mounted hinge in place, between 40 and 60mm from the pillar, and mark the spots to be drilled.

3. Drill holes on these pre-marked spots and fit the hinge in place.

4. Position the gate on the floor-mounted hinge’s pin and check that it has sufficient ground clearance.

5. Pre-mark, drill and fit the wall mounted hinge, keeping the gate firmly in place.

Readymade Gates Driveway Double Gates locking mechanism6. Ensure that the gap between the gate and pillar is identical from top to bottom.

7. Use a spirit level to check the gate is plumb.

8. If required, adjust the hinges until the gate sits level.

9. Repeat this process for the other gate, making sure the markings are level with those of the other gate.

10. Once the driveway gates are swinging freely and you have ensured the gap between the gates is 10mm from top to bottom, add the gate handle, lock, keys, lock keep and gate stop.

Aluminium Double Driveway Gates for Sale

Readymade Gates Exeter Premium Aluminium Side Gate in GreyHere at Buy Sheds Direct, we not only sell premium aluminium driveway double gates, we also stock the aluminium posts, post caps and drop bolts to use with them. What’s more, if you’d like a new garden gate, we have some matching aluminium side gates for you too.

For further information on our aluminium gates, please contact one of our friendly, UK-based customer service representatives.