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  1. Customer showcase – Will’s garden

    One of the most rewarding parts of being an online retailer is seeing our products in their new homes.

    There’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing the photographs sent in by our happy customers showing their Buy Sheds Direct products in their gardens. It’s a great way to see how different people style our products and to see what they’re being used for.

    As we’ve seen previously on Shed of the Year, the humble garden shed can be used for so many different purposes – from practical to just downright wacky! A garden shed is a great way to add extra storage to your garden or to be used as a place to relax and unwind. We’ve even seen a garden shed used to house a crocodile!

    We will be sharing images which have been sent into us from our lovely customers to show a range of our products in their brand new homes and seeing what differ

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  2. How to build a shed

    How to build a shed

    There is no finer sight in the garden than a well-built shed. Storage is sorted, it looks aesthetically pleasing and is guaranteed to last for years – a great shed is worth its weight in gold. Putting one up is easy and satisfying.

    How to decide which type of shed to use:

    You’ve got to choose the right shed to suit your requirements. The popular choice of material is wood – easy to maintain, looks natural (and indeed it is!) and blends into any garden space. Metal sheds are suited to areas where a little more security is required. Plastic sheds are also available and do suit modern designs. They too are great for security conscious gardeners but do ensure you have plenty in there to weigh them down. Alternatively anchor well into a solid base.

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  3. How to build a shed base

    The best houses are built on strong foundations – and that goes for sheds as well! This is my guide on how to build a shed base…

    Why do you need a shed base?

    It’s obvious really, but I’ll say it anyway. Get your base level and strong and your shed will be a happy one. Simply plonk your beautiful new shed on uneven, soft soil and guess what? When you try and put it up... the drilled holes won’t match, the doors will never hang correctly and chances are the roof panels will be separated by a gap and will leak. Did I mention the whole thing will tilt and possibly crack any glass (if it fits in the first place that is). There – I think the message is clear.


    But before anything is laid, think carefully about the location of the shed. You will need to get around the structure for maintenance purposes. Avoid slamming a shed directly up against a fence or wall. Good air circulation will add y

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