Last night saw the third installment of the current TV series, Amazing Spaces: Shed of the year. Halfway through the competition, we saw 8 more sheds to add to the 16 we have already seen and this week’s categories were Pub Sheds and Budget Sheds. The two winners of this episode will join the previous 4 winners from the first two episodes. Who will win the title of Britain’s best shed?

Episode 3

Pub Sheds

The first category this week was Pub sheds and we were shown Walter’s creation, a converted chicken shed to now a gin distillery. At £650 and two years of hard work he transformed the chicken shed using junk he has acquired over the years to create his own 400 sq. ft. saloon distillery. Walter used off-cut timbers to clad the saloon and this gives it the rustic Wild West charm that it boasts. The polycarbonate roof allows in an abundance of light and we can imagine some real fun going on inside this creation. The saloon even features its own wacky shop that is run by a young lamb! Crazy!

On to the next contender, coined the “Hidden Treasure”. Keith has created his own garden retreat that brings the Caribbean to Croydon. The Retreat has taken 25 years to master and has cost roughly £20,000. Inside is a waterfall, a disco dance fall, a bar, jungle sounds and lights fitted all round. What was most impressive is that Keith made it all single handily with no previous construction training. The shed reflects Keith’s quirkiness and creativity and what a strong contender it was!

The third shed featured in this week’s episode was a pub shed full of surprises. Helen and Mike have produced a 1200 square feet garden pub shed that is one of the biggest contenders in the competition. Everything seen was created by Mike sourcing items from car boots and friends and therefore has only cost in total around £500. In side, 6 rooms connect housing Mikes acquired items over the years, of which he purchased a helicopter! Mike didn’t settle just for selling drink, he even has his own distillery where he makes all his own brew! The final touch is Mikes workshop dedicated to all his bikes and motorbike merchandise. What an impressive creation.

Finally, we saw Simon’s Pub shed that is built over his garden pond. Everything he used in the process of creating his shed was reclaimed and acquired from old projects during his career. In total the project has cost £10,000 and starting from his old shed, he has moved forward and added to create this amazing outdoor space. Behind the calm and elegant section of the shed appears the second half of shed which is the wacky random collection of items that Simon has collected.

That was it for the Pub Shed category and when it came to working out who would win we just couldn’t put our finger on it. Leaving it to the public, the winner of this week’s first category was the first shed, the highlands distillery created by Walter. What a well-deserved win. Onto the next, the budget category, these sheds are anything but what imagined.

Budget Category

Rob and Sue created their own garden pavilion that cost next to nothing. For Sue’s 60th, Rob created her own creation using firewood that cost in total £180. Sue has a passion for knitting and has created her own woollen foliage. The intricate timber panelling gives it an old Victorian feel and even has a second layer where Sue retreats to knit. Sue is going to knit Rob’s incredible racing car to pay homage to Rob’s creativity.

The next budget shed was created by Hillbilly Dave, an American automobile restorer. Dave spent £50 adding his small log cabin to his vintage Chevrolet truck and used all sorts of materials to create it. Inside resembles an old American wood cabin and is full of items collected over Dave’s years of travelling. Instead of sitting in the garden, Dave’s cabin is fully mobile and comes alive on the roads. The cabin brings happiness to Dave and at the minor cost of £50, it really is a strong contender in the category.

The third contender was Karen’s budget shed constructed completely from reclaimed beach huts that were destroyed during heavy storms in 2013. All in it cost just £250 and is now a shrine to people’s beach huts that were lost to the storm. The roof is made from off cuts of the timbers and even the wheels have been made from old huts. Inside there is an abundance of space thanks to the design and is home to the various items Karen has collected over the years. The shed is actually a shop too and this combines Karen’s hoarding and with her livelihood. Attractive both inside and out, the shed is a great contender and one that has inspired us too.

The final shed in this week’s episode is Andy and Rachel’s mountain hut that is sat in their own back garden. Costing £400, Andy took old timber from his landscaping job and is a shrine to their own climbing adventures. There climbing has taken them all over the world and therefore the shed is crammed with items collected from each adventure and even has its own bar for them to enjoy and remember there times above the clouds. It might not be the biggest of sheds but it really is one of the most imaginative we have seen in this competition.

The finalists

This brought us to the end of the episode and time for the second winner. The closest so far, one vote separated the winner and the award went to Andy and Rachel’s little mountain hut.

That’s it for this week and we will be back with our write up next week, what did you think and do you think the winners were the real winners? Hopefully these sheds have inspired and given you ideas for your very own sheds!

So far this year's finalists are:

Be sure to join us here next week to take a look at the winners of the final episode which airs on Sunday 12th July at 8.00 p.m.