Garden sheds can contain valuable assets and criminals are very aware of this. Whether your shed is used as a bike shed, to store garden furniture or a lawn mower, you should look into keeping your possessions secure and out of sight.

Start by securing access to your garden. This is not always possible, but for those that have gates ensure a decent lock is installed. Hedges and fences also provide effective barriers, while gravel is noisy to walk over so can also be a good deterrent.

If you are looking to buy a new garden shed then security is something you might want to keep in mind. Depending on what you plan to store in your shed, you may want to look into security sheds, designed to keep your tools safe. 

Security sheds Don't have any windows, which means that their contents can be hidden out of sight and prevent any unwanted window shoppers. This will help to deter thieves, as seeing an expensive lawn mower could provide a thief with the motivation needed to go ahead and break into the shed.

Alternatively, Metal sheds are very secure and come fitted with secure locking systems to keep their contents safe

If you would prefer a window on your garden shed, consider covering it with a screen or curtain. 

There are several other measures that can be taken to reduce your risks of having your shed broken in to:

Installing a lock is the first thing you should do, and always make sure that any screws are covered when using a hasp. You should also be aware that many padlocks can be easily cut with a pair of bolt croppers, so be vigilant and choose a quality lock that cannot be easily removed.

The same applies for covering hinges. Screws can be easily removed when on view, so either make sure they are covered, or use special Non-returnable security screws.

Ensure that your garden shed is positioned to allow the door to be visible from your home and install a security light that is triggered by movement.

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