Paving slabs are an excellent way of creating a solid foundation, able to keep a shed stable through its entire life. Sheds require a stable base in order to keep its solidarity. Their are many different shed bases you can make or even purchase however paving slabs are one of the simplest and easiest.

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The first thing you will want to do is to clear any vegetation from the area that your shed will reside. Collect up the rocks and stones as well as bits of plants and roots, anything that may cause uplift and make it easier for the slabs to be placed.

Peg out the size of your shed using string and pegs, giving 20cm extra and start shoveling the top layer of soil, digging down around 2.5inchs (6cm) deep. This will provide enough depth in order to create a flat surface ready for slabs to be placed.

A mixture of sand and cement (1 part cement to 8 parts of sand) is then placed inside the dug out square. Using a rake, you can evenly distribute the sand to the point visually it looks level. You can use a spirit level to try get the layer as even as possible.

Taking your paving slabs, start from one corner and use a rubber mallet to hammer down the slab to get it as even as possible. Using the spirit level, you can work out and get the slab perfectly flat, adding more sand if needed underneath the slab until its perfect. The slabs need to be just above the ground layer, this way rain water is encouraged to drain below. Once you have placed all the slabs needed, brushed off the excess mix and checked all the slabs to make sure they are flat, you can go ahead with the shed placement.

Now you have your shed base, the Shed can be built and placed on top of the base, creating the even foundation needed to keep the shed stable.

If you want to know how to build a wooden shed base, take a look at our video below for detailed instructions.

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Image reference:- Square Patio Slab | RONA.