A pergola is a great way to support climbing and rambling plants. Pick the right plant (think of wisteria, honeysuckle and jasmine) and you could be walking through a tunnel of perfume as you stroll around the garden. Correctly positioned, a pergola can frame a particular view of the garden. Every garden usually needs to make full use of all available space – and that includes the vertical.

The trick to getting a pergola to last a long time is to use pressure treated wood - that includes uprights and cross beams. When planning you also need to ensure you have enough space to walk through the pergola without stooping or, worse still, banging your head. A clear seven feet usually does the trick. What this means, however, is that the uprights need to be sunk and concreted into the ground to a depth of three feet. It seems deep, especially when you are digging the holes, but the weight of the post plus the weight of the cross beams plus the weight of fully grown wisteria is cons

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