Buying a log store in summer? Madness you cry! Not so, and here’s why.

If, like me, you normally wait until the nights are closing in before looking to buy wood and some form of log storage, you’ll probably be left with logs that cost the earth and a fire that hisses.

Unfortunately, most of us wait for the first cold snap of autumn before buying a load of seasoned logs and the laws of supply and demand will dictate that we’re going to pay a premium: too many people chasing a limited resource. Availability of logs last year was particularly bad, probably due to gas prices and concern over gas supplies (though one of my supplier’s entire stock of logs was set on fire which didn’t help!). At one point, I had to source from several suppliers just to get a decent load.

I’ve also found that during such peak demand, a supplier’s description that their logs are ‘seasoned’ is also open to interpretation – ranging from a bit moist to downright sodden! If the moisture c

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