5'1 x 2'4 Keter Brushed Plastic Garden Storage Box - Brown

Effective garden storage doesn’t just involve piling everything into the shed or garage. No, far from it. Nowadays, the canny householder uses small outside storage to supplement their shed and garage storage because they realise it offers a number of unique benefits.

And now, for a limited time only, we are running two unmissable deals to help you enjoy the many benefits of small garden storage, at prices you can easily afford.

Benefits of Small Garden Storage

The unique benefits of small garden storage certainly aren’t to be sniffed at. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that small outdoor storage units aren’t just a nicety, they’re an absolute necessity…

Small Outdoor Storage Keeps You Organised

a tall, wooden tool storea tall, wooden tool store
Save £70 on the 3'7 x 1'8 Forest Shiplap Tall Apex Wooden Garden Storage Tool Store now

Firstly, small garden storage helps you stay organised. After all, you never know when you might require a particular tool for an unforeseen job.

Just imagine looking for a drill to repair a wind-damaged fence run, in the middle of November, and having to remove all your garden furniture from the shed as you search to find it. How much easier would it be to own something like the Forest Wooden Tool Store, so you know exactly where your favourite tools are, and can easily access them?

Small Outside Storage Protects Important Items

a woodstore full of logsa woodstore full of logs
Get £40 off the 5'8 x 2 Forest Slatted Log Store now

Small outside storage will also protect your important items far more effectively than if you simply lump them into the shed with everything else.

After all, who wants wheelie bins in the same place as their outdoor furniture? Urgh! Far better to invest in a Keter Wheelie Bin Store.

Can you imagine your expensive garden cushions squeezed between sharp metal tools? Perish the thought! Time to buy a Suncast Storage Cube.

And what about storing firewood underneath a layer of tarpaulin, with the lawnmower on top, when it needs good airflow to remain effective? No! You need to purchase a Forest Log Store.

Small Garden Storage Is Stylish

a brown, plastic storage boxa brown, plastic storage box
Get £s off the Suncast Deck Box - Plastic Garden Storage Cube here

Last but not least, small garden storage can be incredibly stylish. A strategically-placed deck box here, a storage cube there, and a patio storage bench somewhere in between the two can have a hugely positive impact on your garden design.

2 Great Reasons to Buy Your Small Outdoor Storage NOW!

As you tidy up your patio for autumn, now is the obvious time to ensure you’ve taken care of your garden storage requirements. That’s why we’re offering you a couple of great incentives to shop with us…

Small Outside Storage Deal 1: Up To 25% Off Wooden Garden Storage

For high-quality, low-price wooden garden storage, you don’t want to miss this superb offer.

Including bike sheds, tool storage, log stores and more, this unmissable deal will help you get your patio tidy for autumn, at a price you can afford.

Here’s a taster of what’s on offer:

a woodstore with integrated tool storagea woodstore with integrated tool storage
Make great savings on the 6 x 2 Forest Large Premium Log and Tool Store now

6 x 2 Forest Large Premium Log and Tool Store (1.76m x 0.69m) - £269.99 £224.99*

Drier firewood means more heat and a cleaner chimney, so, if you own a wood-burning stove, then a log store is an absolute must!

Perfectly designed to keep your logs dry, this woodstore also features a small garden storage shed, ideal for housing tools, kindling and more.

a wooden garden storage unit used as a bike sheda wooden garden storage unit used as a bike shed
Get £50 off the 6'5 x 2'10 Forest Large Double Door Pent Wooden Garden Storage now

6'5 x 2'10 Forest Large Double Door Pent Wooden Garden Storage - Bike / Mower Outdoor Store (1.9m x 0.86m) - £319.99 £269.99*

If your family owns expensive bicycles, it’s an absolute no-brainer to buy a bike shed to keep those bikes protected.

Built in Great Britain, pressure treated and backed by an impressive 15-year anti-rot guarantee, this wooden bike shed is robust, durable and provides up to two adult bikes (and associated cycling accessories) with complete weatherproof protection.

What’s more, the wide double doors are fitted with hidden security hinges and a hasp and staple plate to ensure your bikes remain equally shielded from unwanted attention (padlock not included).

Exclusive Garden Storage Deal 2: Save A MINIMUM Of 5% On Selected Plastic Storage

Strong, stylish and completely maintenance free, plastic garden storage offers you benefits galore, with absolutely no downside, which is why we stock so much of it.

Now, for a limited time only, we’re offering you a minimum of 5% off some of our finest small plastic storage. All you need to do is apply voucher code 5OFFPLASTIC at the checkout and these great savings are yours. It really is as easy as that.

Let’s take a look at two of these beautifully-designed plastic storage products right now, so you can see what plastic garden storage can do for you…

a plastic storage box and garden seat combia plastic storage box and garden seat combi
Store you tools, then sit down and relax on the 4'5 x 2'5 Suncast Resin Deck Box With Seat

4'5 x 2'5 Suncast Resin Deck Box with Seat - Plastic Garden Storage - £209.99 £195.99*

Simple to assemble, built to last and completely maintenance free, this stylish deck box provides excellent all-round protection for garden tools, children’s toys or outdoor cushions.

Once you’ve finished packing everything away, you’ll be pleased to know that you can use this deck box as a comfortable garden seat too.

a large, plastic wheelie bin storea large, plastic wheelie bin store
Don't throw your money away! Save £s on the Keter Hideaway Wheelie Bin Store here.

5 x 3 Keter Hideaway Large 1200L Plastic Storage Unit/ Wheelie Bin Store (1.46m x 0.82m) - £259.99 £230.99*

Constructed from durable resin, 100% weatherproof and completely maintenance free, this eye-catching bin shed is the perfect way to rid your garden of its number one eyesore.

A gas-piston-assisted lid, with chain attachments, allows you to deposit your rubbish with ease, while wide double doors, operated by a foot pedal, ensure there’s no obstacles to putting your bins out on collection day.

Shop Small Garden Storage with Big Savings NOW!

a plastic cushion storage boxa plastic cushion storage box
Get money off the 5 x 2 Keter Denali Duotech 757L Garden Storage Box here

As you tidy up your garden this autumn, don’t let the opportunity to save money slip through your fingers.

For a long-term solution to your outside storage needs, shop premium plastic storage without the premium price tag, using voucher code 5OFFPLASTIC here, and top-quality, low-price wooden garden storage here.

(*Prices as at 05/10/22)