6x8 Palram Canopia Rubicon Double Door Premium Plastic Shed in Dark Grey

Choosing the right garden building or other outdoor structure can be a difficult decision - not only because of the huge range of options available, but due to the importance of making the correct decision first time.

After all, returning a shed, greenhouse, or other large garden structure is far more trouble than sending back an ill-fitting shirt, faulty kettle, and the like. With this in mind, it’s always wise to do your homework before investing in a garden building, so you have complete confidence in its quality and suitability before it arrives. One of the best ways to achieve this reassurance is to select a reliable brand.

Palram Canopia is unquestionably one of those reliable brands.

Palram Canopia Garden Buildings and Products

6x4 Palram Canopia Harmony Small Silver Polycarbonate GreenhouseWith almost 60 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing polycarbonate garden structures, Palram Canopia is the leader in its field. When you shop Palram Canopia, you know you’re getting a high-specification, high-quality product, which has been properly developed and thoroughly tested to exacting standards.

For this reason, we stock a huge range of Palram Canopia products, including sheds, greenhouses, conservatories, gazebos, carports, patio covers, and door canopies. And we sell every single one of them knowing that they won’t let you down.

Palram Canopia Plastic Sheds

6x8 Palram Canopia Amber Skylight Plastic ShedPalram Canopia constructs its plastic sheds from near-unbreakable polycarbonate panels on reinforced aluminium framing. Consequently, their sheds are built to last.

They also come with an anchor kit, so you can secure them firmly to the ground, along with skylight roof panels to bathe the interior in natural light. They are backed by long warranties too, demonstrating Palram’s complete confidence in its products.

There are a number of different ranges of Palram Canopia sheds available, including the Rubicon, Skylight, Voyager, and Yukon models. While each of them boasts their own unique selling points, they are all stylish, easy to assemble, weatherproof and completely maintenance free.

And currently, with more than 15% off selected models, there’s never been a better time to buy one!

Palram Canopia Polycarbonate Greenhouses

6x8 Palram Canopia Rion EcoGrow Green Greenhouse with Resin FramePolycarbonate greenhouses have several advantages over traditional glasshouses, the most obvious being that they are completely shatterproof. And when you buy a Palram Canopia greenhouse, you also know that it will be UV protected, so the glazing will neither fade nor discolour in the sun.

Supported by robust aluminium framing and supplied with long warranties, Palram Canopia’s polycarbonate greenhouses are easy to assemble, maintenance free and built to last. Unlike with many other greenhouse brands, features such as ventilation and guttering come as standard, so you can keep your initial costs down and spend more money on plants.

Palram Canopia manufactures a huge range of greenhouses for sale, the most popular of which are the Balance, Harmony, Hybrid and Mythos models. Each has its pros, none have any cons, and all of them help optimise growing conditions for plants.

Palram Canopia Conservatories

10x14 Palram Canopia SanRemo Grey Lean-To ConservatoryOften referred to as sun rooms, Palram Canopia conservatories are beautifully made and exceptionally versatile garden structures. Available in a wide range of designs and sizes, they are suitable to use as either an extension to your home or as a lean-to greenhouse – the choice is yours.

Expertly made using shatterproof polycarbonate (and sometimes acrylic) panels, with robust supporting frames and user-friendly features, Palram Canopia sun rooms are light, airy spaces, which are never uncomfortably bright.

To experience the joys of owning a conservatory, you simply can’t go wrong with Palram Canopia.

Palram Canopia Garden Gazebos

Buy the 14 x 14 Palram Canopia Palermo 4300 Grey Garden Gazebo nowPalram produces some wonderful polycarbonate gazebos too, all of which will add that ‘wow’ factor to your garden.

The Garda and Ledro models are gazebos with sides, making them suitable for private and commercial use alike. Heavy-duty framing, sliding doors and air vents all come as standard, making these gazebos incredibly inviting places to spend time.

Available in a huge range of designs and sizes, Palram Canopia’s open-sided gazebos are equally well-made garden structures. They all offer you a premium, long-lasting garden shelter, perfect for relaxing on a sunny afternoon or using as a focal point for your garden parties. Some are even available with matching curtains and nets.

Patio Covers and Door Canopies

Palram Canopia Bremen 2050 Grey Clear Door CanopyWhether you’re looking to create a sheltered space on your patio or provide your door with weatherproof protection, Palram Canopia is once again a brand to trust.

Their patio awnings are exclusively made from polycarbonate panels, while the door canopies are constructed from polycarbonate or acrylic, depending on the model. Either way, all of these structures boast attractive designs, robust supporting parts, and highly-effective weatherproof protection, with zero maintenance required.

Palram Canopia Carports

16x10 Palram Canopia Arizona Wave 5000 Grey Metal Carport‘Never mind a garden shelter for me or the door,’ we hear you say, ‘what about for my car?’

Well, when it comes to carports, Palram Canopia comes up trumps again.

Expertly constructed from shatterproof polycarbonate roof panels; a heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminium frame; and laser-cut galvanised steel connectors, a Palram Canopia carport is built to last.

They are all supplied with an anchor kit and guttering too, ensuring your pride and joy receives complete weatherproof protection.

Choose from the Arcadia, Atlas, Verona, and other models – the choice is, once again, yours. Rest assured that all of them make a genuine long-term alternative to a prefab garage.

Palram Canopia Garden Buildings and Structures for Sale

6x8 Palram Canopia Grey Skylight Plastic ShedDon’t take an unnecessary gamble when you’re purchasing a garden building or structure. Choose a brand you can trust. Shop Palram Canopia sheds, greenhouses, conservatories, gazebos, patio covers and door canopies with Buy Sheds Direct now, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind that you’re making a sound investment.

If you’d like further information about Palram Canopia’s superb range of products, be sure to read our Palram Canopia Buying Guide.

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Main image: 6 x 8 Palram Canopia Rubicon Double Door Premium Plastic Shed - Dark Grey (1.85m x 2.28m)