It's a sad time when you need to acknowledge that the old trusted garden shed really isn't up to the job anymore...... my shed is no exception with the doors bulging at the seams, the timber worn and holy where the knots in the wood have fallen out and really does looks quite forlorn with the plastic sheeting being held down by a couple of bricks due to the leaks that have sprung through the felt!! And so I made an executive decision, a new shed was to be the solution!!

With so many factors to consider when purchasing a new shed or garden building, knowing where to begin is, well, rather daunting and almost overwhelmed me with the choices available in the marketplace.... Timber, Metal, Apex, Pent, Tongue and Groove, Overlap, Security, Windows, Potting...the list goes on and on....!!

The best idea to find the right shed or garden building is logic!! Often plunging head first into a sale and then thinking in hindsight that perhaps it wasn't the wisest of purchases, I have come up with a 5 step plan to make sure that anyone can have an affordable garden shed or garden building that is right for its purpose, and will add to the beauty and functionality of your property, rather than creating an embarrassing eyesore, just by taking the time to organize thoughts and do it right the first time.

Buying a new shed

Shed placement

One of the most important and basic decisions you need to make is where you are going to place your storage container. Of course, if you pick a spot that is level, you will save time and energy having to prepare the area before laying a concrete / slab base (however you can now buy wooden shed bases or plastic shed bases to avoid the need of any major DIY skills). If however, the place you choose is not level, you must do a thorough job of creating a level plane so that you have a sound base for the slab.


What size do you need? Be realistic on the size of the area that is available for your garden building but take into consideration what you will be using it for, calculate how much material/equipment do you need to store in there.You should also consider for the future as well. You don't want to buy one so small that you have to cram everything you have now in there and there is no room for forthcoming purchases.

* Obtain additional storage space by adding shelving, or even loft space but do ensure that the height of the eaves allow enough room for standing space as well as storage!!

* Does the storage shed’s entryway allow for easy and accommodating access? Even the highest quality storage building is useless if it doesn’t accommodate your storage needs. Double-wide doors that measure 64 inches across will afford ease of entry for most ride-on lawn mowers and other oversized storage equipment.


Once you've established where your container is going to be, you should decide which type of building you prefer. The look and quality of your shed can actually increase the value of your property so consider potential landscaping that will be incorporated. Flowers, climbers and perhaps a trellis are common and attractive ways of improving your garden building. You can also save yourself the expense of having to replace a cheaper unit prematurely, if you choose your structure wisely. So how do you know if you’re getting the most out of a storage shed for your pennies? By evaluating whether the storage building you have your eye on meets or exceeds the following specifications.

* When it comes time to picking out the style be sure that you are practical in your decision. After all, it must serve the purpose you are buying it for first, then fit in with the atmosphere where it will be located. With so many to choose from its unlikely that you won't find a style that you like......


If you have spent a great deal of time and money on your garden landscaping, then it would be probably advisable to spend a little extra on your shed as well, to enhance the outdoor decor and not stick out like a sore thumb. Wood is a good investment because it is durable, if you keep the maintenance up then it will not rot easily - Dip Treated sheds and storage are the norm in the market place but sheds made from Pressure Treated Wood generally have longer guarantees and the wood is usually treated for insects as well in the process. So how do you know if you’re getting the most out of a storage shed for your pennies? By evaluating whether the storage building you have your eye on meets or exceeds the following specifications.

* Does your storage shed of choice come with a warranty? If the storage building you’re considering doesn’t come with at least a 10-year warranty, you could very well be throwing money down the drain. Protect your storage shed investment with a manufacturer’s written guarantee.

* What type of flooring comes standard on the storage shed? If you’re evaluating the cosmetic exterior of your storage building only, you’re making a big mistake. That’s because a poor foundation sets you up for not only moisture problems (which can wreak havoc on your expensive storage equipment) but also invites insects (which can damage the entire framework of your storage shed). A sturdy, OSB floor with pressure-treated floor joists and runners is optimal in any storage building.

* Are the storage building’s structural framing and roof built to last? A durable, weather-proof roof will protect your storage shed (and its storage contents) for years to come, so roof braces are advised to stop the roof from sagging and creating potential leakage.


Virtually everything in life comes down to money, and a garden shed is no different. After making the earlier decisions it should be easier to shop around to find the best deal for your garden shed, workshop or garden building. If you have set your expectations too high you may have to give up a few things but setting a budget that is realistic/affordable is key to making sure you are happy with your purchase.


Example of great garden shed build quality Close up of garden shed build quality.