No matter how much we try, our gardens become cluttered and a little unruly if we forget about them for a while. So how do we get a bit more of a grasp on our gardens? Add a bit of storage space.

Garden storage doesn’t just have to mean finding space for a shed to house your lawnmowers or tools, there is a whole range of other solutions available it is just a matter of what suits your garden and your requirements.

Garden storage ideas

Storage Chests and Trunks

Chests and trunks are a lot smaller than sheds so they take up less room but are still perfect for keeping your tools, garden hoses, chairs and parasols in. You might not have room for your larger objects, but they are great for smaller pieces that need to be kept safe and secure. A lot of these will come with the possibility to lock them, making them as secure as sheds can be, giving you a bit more peace of mind than an option that does not allow for locks.

The key to these trunks is utilising the space they have, so you might also want to see if you can add hooks on the inside to hang up the smaller tools so they don’t get lost at the bottom, or add in a shoe rack so you can put all of your gardening shoes and gloves in the box to save them from coming inside.

If you have children who play football, storage chests are a perfect place to keep their balls, boots, and shin pads so that mud isn’t dragged through the house after they have finished a game. Or even if you go hiking, you can keep your walking boots and sticks in the chest to keep them safe and together for your next adventure.

Be sure to take a look at the range of storage chests we have to offer, and if you would like a bit more information on the range then take a look at our video below:

The garden shed

Little comes close to the efficiency of a garden shed, but again the key to these buildings is maximising the space available. Like the chests you can add hooks to the sides of the shed to hang up all of your tools, keeping the floor clear for the larger items like wheelbarrows and barbeques. You can also add hooks to the back of the shed door, and hang a storage organiser on it to keep all of your garden gloves, seeds, bulbs, and odd bits and pieces in one area.

The height of sheds allows you to add shelves in, again keeping things off the floor but helping you organise your belongings at the same time. For example, you’ve recently repainted a part of your house or garden, and you have a few tins of half used paint left over. With shelves you can add labels to sections of them that can help you see whether the paint is full or half used so that you know which to use off first.

Bike stores

Garden sheds often find themselves being home to bicycles, but they take up a lot of room which could be used for other things. Instead of keeping your bike in your shed, and definitely not keeping it outside, you could invest in a bike store. These are perfect for slotting up against a wall of the house and locking up for added security, meaning that your bikes are not only out of the shed, but they are less likely to be damaged by tools being taken in and out constantly.