12 x 8 Forest Premium Tongue & Groove Pressure Treated Double Door Reverse Apex Shed

If only the best garden shed will do, you need to read on because we’ve got a brand-new range of sheds available for you, which are starting to take the shed market by storm.

Forget what you thought you knew about sheds; the new Forest Premium range has just completely rewritten the rulebook on what makes a great wooden shed. Available in a comprehensive range of sizes and designs, these heavy-duty sheds enjoy a number of common features, which set them apart from the competition.

Reasons Why Forest’s New Shed Range Is Called ‘Premium’

What makes Forest Premium such a special proposition? Well, so you can fully appreciate these market-leading sheds, there are 7 key things we’d like to tell you about them…

1. Incredibly Robust Shed Framing

tools and equipment inside a Forest Premium shed

These strapping wooden sheds come with 66mm x 33mm framing, which is the thickest shed framework that we stock. Having such a solid frame ensures Forest Premium Sheds are more robust, durable and structurally sound than any other wood shed on the market.

2. Complete Tongue and Groove Build

a man stood on the tongue and groove floor of a Forest Premium Shed

We love tongue and groove wall cladding, so it’s no surprise that it’s found on many of our best wooden sheds. Forest Premium, however, is the next level up. Not only do these sheds enjoy 12mm tongue and groove walls, they boast 12mm tongue and groove floors AND roofs too!

And you wonder why they’re called ‘Premium’?

This key feature means that the floor easily copes with constant footfall, and that it is perfectly suited to housing your heavier stored items. Pressure-treated bearers provide even greater support and make an effective barrier against rot-causing ground moisture.

In terms of strength, durability and weathertightness, there is no better material for a wooden shed roof than tongue and groove. The icing on the cake here is that Premium Sheds, somewhat fittingly, also come with a PREMIUM red mineral-felt cover to provide complete weatherproof protection for your tools, bikes and other outdoor equipment.

3. Intelligent Modular Design

a picture and technical drawing of a Forest Premium Shed to illustrate its modular design

Thanks to an intelligent modular design, these sheds are delivered to you in smaller sections but you get more wood. This not only makes assembling them easier, it means they are much stronger than traditional wooden sheds too.

On top of this, the modular design allows you to choose the position of the doors and windows, so you can tailor your new shed to your exact storage or workshop requirements.

4. The Best Pressure-Treated British Wood with The Longest Guarantee

Forest Premium Sheds' 12mm tongue and groove cladding

We've never seen a better, more ethical supply chain than you find with a Forest Premium Shed.

Firstly, the timber is FSC®-certified, which is the only wood-certification scheme endorsed by all of the major environmental charities.

Secondly, these sheds are crafted here, in Great Britain, by exceptionally skilled tradesmen, whom we know and trust.

Thirdly, the wood is delivered pressure treated, which is the gold standard when it comes to protection against rot and fungal decay. Also, unlike many other pressure-treated sheds, Forest Premium Sheds require no further treatment, saving you money and leaving you more time to enjoy your garden.  

To top it all, when you purchase a Forest Premium Shed, you’ll receive a 15-year anti-rot guarantee. No catches, no quibbles, just the longest, most transparent anti-rot guarantee on the wooden shed market.

5. An Exceptionally Strong and Secure Shed

Double doors on a Forest Premium Shed

Strength, solidity and security are at the very heart of the Forest Premium Shed ethos.

This doesn’t just apply to headline features, like the extra-thick framing, the tongue and groove build, and the pressure-treated wood, it also encompasses the finer details.

For example, every Forest Premium Shed comes with a ledged and braced door, key-operated lock, internal bolts, and toughened safety glass as standard. Oh, and the windows are all openers too.

If you want a strong shed, shop Forest Premium!

6. Your Choice of Shed Design

3 models of Forest Premium Sheds

Don’t think you have to compromise on size and style either because the Forest Premium range features sheds in all shapes and sizes.

This includes apex, pent and reverse-apex models; a choice of single or double doors; sheds with integral logstores; and combination sheds with 2 compartments and 2 sets of doors. (Plus the nation’s favourite 8x6 apex shed, of course!)

7. Save 10% On Forest Premium Sheds NOW !!!

8 x 6 Forest Premium Tongue & Groove Pressure Treated Apex Shed

The Premium Sheds’ final common feature and selling point isn’t nearly as long-lasting as the others. In fact, it’s currently on borrowed time…

As part of our Jubilee Celebrations, and strictly for a limited time only, we are making a special introductory offer to you by taking up to 10% off the price of ALL Forest Premium Sheds! How about that then?!

All you need to do is go to the top of our homepage, enter ‘Forest Premium’ in the search box, and you’ll be able to view the full range. Alternately, if you see the Forest Premium banner sliding across the page, press or click on it and you’ll be directed to the same range of sheds.

We’ve been in the shed business a very long time now and, trust us, we’ve never seen a wooden shed brand to touch Forest Premium!