While the summer is the perfect time to get out into the garden and get involved with all of what has to be done in terms of repair and revitalising the area, there's a bit to be said about decorating as well. Of course, homeowners must go out of their way to ensure that their sheds are structurally sound before any work can be done to them. Fortunately, it's a relatively easy task with a bit of elbow grease. Let's take a look at how homeowners can get their sheds decorated and ready for the upcoming summer season.


The first port of call in any shed-related job is to get it repaired and up to scratch when it comes to its overall structural integrity. Yes, years of neglect could mean sheds are a little worse for wear in terms of their structural quality and some boards might even be sagging or missing altogether. This is the time to get the shed up to code and ensure there's a shed worth decorating in the first place.

Wood treatments are usually the best options homeowners have when it comes to repairing their sheds. For the most part, those unsightly cracks and holes (usually accompanied by a very foul odour) is the result of a fungus: wood rot. Treatments penetrate the wood in order to deal with the fungus and leave the shed free of the mold that's causing it to fall down in the first place. From there, it's just a matter of simply patching up those unsightly holes and filling in the cracks with a wood filler. It could also be a time to consider using a water repellent, too. This will ensure the wood is less porous and susceptible to damage during a rainfall, which is the very livelihood of wood rot to begin with.


Homeowners have two options when it comes to decorating their shed: painting it or using a wood stain. Both provide excellent coverage options, but paint tends to be the friendlier option in terms of budget. A pale paint is one of the most popular options for homeowners because they don't provide any sort of bold, unsightly addition to their gardens. However, there's quite a bit that can be said for a livelier colour. They tend to compliment garden growths quite well when colour coordinated with flowers, accessories, and other options within the area. It's ultimately up to the homeowner to decide the best option for their circumstances.


Stain is increasingly popular because it often provides additional chemical treatments within the colour, which can somewhat be seen as a two-in-one option for homeowners. The pricier stains are known to have embedded water repellents, which skips the earlier step of applying it altogether and makes the job less laborious. With that being said, though, the chemical treatments within a water repellent aren't a be all, end all sort of deal. Water repellents will need to be applied every two to three years in order to remain effective and ward off wood rot.

Stain from a visual standpoint tends to be a preferred option because it simply enhances the natural vibrancy of the wood. Many feel that it seems to “fit better” within the garden in the way that paint simply does not.


Decals also prove to be interesting options. These vinyl overlays simply rest on top of the wood and provide an interesting artistic addition to any shed. They are susceptible to damage under heavy rainfall though, so will require careful maintenance in order to ensure they remain in tip top condition.


The summer signals the beginning of increasing amounts of daylight time, which means lighting needn't be wired to the grid. Instead, homeowners should opt for solar lighting options, which will harvest the energy directly from the sun in order to convert it into nighttime light automatically. This is a great way to remain ecofriendly while keeping a garden lit and secure. 


Security unfortunately requires additional thought in our more modern age. With thefts from gardens on the rise across the United Kingdom, it is always best to reconsider any security measures that are in place: if there are any at all. The first area to consider is the lock. Homeowners should purchase the thickest, most heavy duty lock that their door will accommodate in order to ensure it's less vulnerable to cutting and prying attacks from a would-be thief. It is also wise to consider a wireless alarm.

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