10 Shed Accessories for the Ultimate Garden Shed

What are Shed Accessories?

Shed accessories are what turns a standard shed into a superb garden shed, perfectly equipped for modern life and a productive, practical place where you want to spend time.

They’re those extras that you might not think to buy but, once you own, you could never be without.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the right shed accessories can transform your garden shed into something that you’ve always dreamed about; so, in no particular order, let’s take a look at some of these marvellous products right now.

The Top 10 Shed Accessories

a wooden shed with an EPDM roof cover


1. Skyguard EPDM Shed Roof Kit

If you’re fed up of torn or damaged roof felt, this incredible weatherproof covering comes in over 20 sizes and has a life expectancy of more than 50 years, the first 20 years of which are under guarantee.

You'll find this shed roof covering is incredibly easy to fit and will never rip nor tear, even in extremely cold weather.

Furthermore, it is UV-stabilised to prevent cracking, blistering and peeling.

This all means no more clambering about on top of your shed on a windy, wet day - great!

a 150W solar power station kit


2. Solar Power Station 150W

Simple to install - you won't even need a mains connection or the services of an electrician - this solar power station includes everything you need to bring electricity to your garden shed.

It delivers up to 750 watts of free power per day, which makes it suitable for TVs, laptops, power tools and more.

Our power station range includes other models to suit your specific needs.

a man potting plants in a shed with solar lighting


3. SolarHub 16 LED Strip

Also utilising the latest solar technology, this LED strip provides you with up to 6 hours of lighting a day, over a 16m2 area, which is invaluable if you’re carrying out intricate practical tasks in your shed.

It comes with an impressive 10-year guarantee on the panel and 2 years on the hub, so you can look forward to year after year of environmentally-friendly, bill-free shed lighting.

The range includes other lighting options for areas of different sized sheds and models with pendant lights, if that is your preference.

black shed guttering attached to a shed roof


4. 12ft Hall’s Rainsaver Guttering

If you’re tempted by the thought of free electricity, why not get yourself a free supply of water too?

This shed guttering comes in 7 different sizes, is incredibly easy for you to install and is capable of collecting 1800 litres of rainwater every year.

That's plenty of free, untainted water for your plants.

an alarmed shed padlock and 3 keys


5. Security Alarm Padlock

Combining a robust padlock with a powerful alarm, this is the perfect way to deter thieves from trying to break into your shed.

If they try to tamper with the lock, a loud alarm will sound and - more than likely - cause them to flee.

Two spare keys are provided as standard, just in case you’re prone to misplacing them.

a bicycle, lawnmower and power tool, attached to a shed floor by an underfloor locking kit


6. 5ft Bull Security StrongHold Underfloor Shed Locking Kit

Designed for use with a chain or wire cable (not included), this underfloor shed locking kit provides an immovable anchor point to secure your particularly valuable tools, equipment and bikes.

It is built from robust powder-coated steel and available in 4 different sizes to suit the different equipment you wish to secure.

It is best installed when laying your shed floor, so get ahead of the game and order this when you order your shed.

a black portable gas heater with a flame-effect display


7. Lifestyle Living Flame Portable Gas Cabinet Heater

With 3 heat settings and a maximum output of 3.4kW, this portable gas heater is a wonderful way to warm your shed.

Built in Europe, to the highest standards, its charming living-flame-effect display will make your shed seem as cosy as the lounge.

a black plastic shed base with interlocking grids


8. 8x6 Plastic Shed Base Kit

If your shed needs a base, this recycled plastic model is the perfect way to avoid laying concrete or paving.

Available in a size to fit almost any garden shed, it features a strong, interlocking grid system, a heavy-duty membrane, ventilation and drainage, so will do the job perfectly.

a steel storage unit consisting of a cupboard and shelves


9. Globel Silver Vein Heavy Duty Half Cupboard/ Half Shelves Storage Unit

All sheds need shelving and this wonderfully versatile unit is compatible with all other Globel shelving.

Supplied with an impressive 10-year guarantee, it includes powder-coated steel frames, a steel cabinet and 2 steel shelves with 9mm MDF infills.

We have a wide range of shed shelving solutions so you'll be able to store all those tools, tins and bit & pieces in a organised way.

And the 10th Invaluable Shed Accessory?

a luxurious green wooden shed with 3 windows and a partially-glazed door


When it comes to owning the perfect garden shed, the best accessory of all is an internet connection.

Confused? Well, don’t be, because it’s just what you need to buy your shed accessories from Buy Sheds Direct.

We are the UK’s premier supplier of garden sheds and all shed accessories too, so we can help you own the shed you’ve always dreamed about.