A trellis, also known as a lattice, is an incredibly versatile decorative feature. A beautiful garden feature or fence run in its own right, garden trellis panels are also the perfect way to train and support climbing plants, add height to a fencing as a fence topper, or compartmentalise your outdoor space with garden screening. Browse our exceptional range of wooden trellis for sale to create your perfect garden boundary. Most of our Forest trellis is pressure treated and has an impressive 15-year anti-rot guarantee, with no annual retreatment being required.


Why not read our fencing buying guide, which also contains a useful section about lattice fencing in Fencing Decision 2: Traditional or Decorative Fencing? If you are looking to buy trellis panels, Buy Sheds Direct should be your top choice as we offer free delivery to most postcodes in the UK on orders over £100.

Forest 6' x 1' Decorative Hidcote Diamond Wooden Lattice Trellis (1.8m x 0.3m)
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Forest 6' x 1' Hidcote Diamond Wooden Lattice Trellis

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15-Year Anti-Rot Guarantee

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Forest Diamond Lattice Fence Topper 183 x 30cm
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Forest 6' x 1' Diamond Trellis Fence Topper

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10-Year Anti-Rot Guarantee

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What is trellis screening?

Trellis screening is a type of garden fencing that consists of a wooden or metal latticework structure. It can be used to create a decorative feature, a functional barrier, or to provide privacy or shade from the sun. It can also be used as a support for plants or a way to divide an outdoor space into separate areas. Here at Buy Sheds Direct our range are all wooden and are manufactured by the leading brand Forest Garden. There is no need to buy “garden trellis for sale near me” when you can buy online from us at highly competitive prices with free delivery to most UK postcodes?

About our panels for wooden trellis fences

Wooden trellis screening is an effective way to add style and privacy to any garden without creating a solid wall. Qualities to expect from our wooden trellis panels are:

  • Panel sizes - choose from 6’x1’, 6’x2’, 6’x3’, 6’x4’ or 6’x6’
  • Styles – choose from diamond, slatted or square styles
  • Timber quality – all timber used is either PEFC or FSC© certified and as such is sourced from sustainable, well-managed forests
  • Tops - choose from curved, dome, or straight trellis tops
  • Treatment:
    • Dip treated – these are supplied with a 10 year guarantee
    • Pressure treated - these are supplied with a 15 year guarantee

Support for climbing plants 

Wooden trellis fences are made up of a sturdy framework allowing the trellis panels to support climbing plants. For instance, roses can weave through the trellis to create a romantic and timeless atmosphere. Climbers like jasmine or honeysuckle not only look fabulous against a trellis backdrop but also fill your garden with delightful fragrances. The trellis structure ensures that climbing plants have a strong and reliable support system as they grow, and the open design allows for ample airflow, reducing the risk of plant diseases. For those with an existing fence, trellis fence toppers can be added to support plants.

About our panels for wooden trellis fences

Trellis fences are also great for growing many fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables that can be trained to utilise the trellis include melons and berries including gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. Vegetables that can be trained to climb trellis include cucumbers, marrows, peas, runner beans, squashes, and peas. Trellis fences prevent unintended trampling of the crop and lessen "crop rot" arising from ground contact. It also makes harvesting crops more convenient (as it is not done at ground level.)

Is garden screening the same as garden partitioning?

Garden screening and garden partitioning serve distinct purposes. Garden screening, often achieved with garden screens or trellis screening, primarily focuses on providing privacy and concealing unsightly areas. On the other hand, garden partitioning aims to define and create specific zones within a garden for various functions. While trellis screening offers an elegant and natural barrier with the help of climbing plants, garden partitioning often utilises more robust and permanent materials to delineate space effectively.

What are the advantages of garden screening?

Garden screening has become quite the trend in modern garden designs, acting as both a focal point and a functional addition. Here are some of the many advantages.

Aesthetics and design

Trellis screening, when used with flair, introduces a modern decorative element to your outdoor space. The variety of designs available makes them a compelling choice for those looking to enhance the appeal of their garden.


One of the draws of using garden screens is its affordability. Many of the materials used are relatively inexpensive, making it an attractive option for those looking to add privacy and protection without breaking the bank.

Enhanced privacy

Garden screening offers a great way to add privacy. Whether you’re aiming to block views from the street or shield your garden from prying eyes using fence toppers, screening can achieve the seclusion you desire. For those looking to create a semi-private setting, trellis screening is an ideal choice.

Weather protection

Adding a garden screen can provide more than just beauty and privacy. They can also act as a shield against strong winds and adverse weather conditions, offering an added layer of protection to your garden.


Whether it's concealing unsightly areas of the garden or defining spaces for various activities, garden screens can be put to a huge range of uses.

With the right materials and design, garden screening can add value to your garden and create a more enjoyable atmosphere.

Contact us about garden trellis panels

Buy Sheds Direct welcomes enquiries and questions about our wooden trellis screening and our trellis panels for sale. Call us today to discuss potential uses of trellising, costs, interpreting product specifications and related topics. Contact Buy Sheds Direct today using these methods:

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