Power Your Shed with A Solar Power Station

With the addition of a solar power supply, you can suddenly transform your shed from a basic garden storage area into a fully-functioning garden building.

Solar power allows your shed to say goodbye to darkness, cobwebs and rusty, old tools, and hello to lighting, warmth and the latest electronic gadgetry.

How Solar Power Stations Work

a solar panel on an aluminium stand, positioned on a lawn

The solar panel sits on a robust aluminium frame, which you can position on your shed roof or the ground, and adjust to maximise the panel’s exposure to the sun.

(In the UK, we advise mounting solar panels facing south, at a 60° angle.)

The panel generates a flow of electricity from the sun’s rays, which is passed along a cable to the high-performance solar battery.

This is connected to an inverter, including a 3-pin socket, from which you can run a variety of 12v electrical appliances.

Types of Solar Power Station

You can purchase 80W, 120W or 150W solar power stations, according to the amount of power you wish to generate.

a man on a laptop, which is plugged into a solar power station's inverter

80W Solar Power Stations

An 80W solar power station delivers 400W of electricity per day, enough to run an appliance for 2-4 hours.

It is suitable for powering things like fluorescent lighting or power tools.

You could even run a digital radio while you work.

a solar power battery meter

120W Solar Power Stations

A 120W solar power station delivers 600W of electricity per day.

This is perfect for powering a television or games console, as well as running a PC or charging your laptop for 2-4 hours.

a complete solar power station kit

150W Solar Power Stations

A 150W solar power station delivers 750W of electricity per day.

This will power your fax machine, printer, laptop and lighting, which is ideal if you use your shed as a garden office.

Solar Power in Winter

During the darker winter months, you may need to invest in more solar panels to achieve the same power levels.

If you want to run an under-floor heating system using solar panels, you will need at least a 450W (3 x 150W) system.

Solar Lighting Kits for Sheds

a man potting plants in a shed which is illuminated by solar lighting

Thanks to a simple plug and play system, an all-in-one solar lighting kit is incredibly easy to use, and no additional solar power station is required.

Highly-advanced solar and lithium battery technologies provide you with up to 5 hours' interior shed lighting per day, with the equivalent brightness of a 350lm mains bulb.

External Shed and Garden Lighting

These weatherproof lights use the same principle to provide up to 5 hours' garden lighting per day, equivalent to an 80lm bulb.

A programmable timer allows you to determine when the lights come on, without you having to lift a finger.

Benefits of Solar Power

Solar power stations and solar lighting kits have a number of wonderful benefits, some of which truly set them apart from conventional electricity supplies.

a shed with a veranda, furnished with chairs and solar lighting

Solar Power Kits Are Zero Hassle

You can set up a solar power kit in under an hour, without any specialist skills or tools.

There’s no need to dig up your garden, connect your solar kit to the mains, or employ the services of a potentially-costly electrician.

Solar power kits really are that easy to use.

A Superb Range of Lighting

Don't make the mistake of thinking that solar lighting kits are all about strip lighting and bare bulbs.

As you can see, there are some beautiful solar table lamps, as well as solar floor lamps too.

No Monthly Bills

The initial outlay for a solar lighting kit is just over £100.

For a full solar power station, you’re looking at under £1000.

After that, there’s nothing to pay. No expensive electricity and no additions to your monthly utility bills; just free, reliable, environmentally-friendly energy.

a woman patting a horse, which is in a stable with solar lighting

Solar Power Is Eco Friendly

Solar power stations and solar lighting kits generate electricity for your shed through the sun.

No fossil fuels are burnt and no carbon produced.

By powering your shed through solar panels, rather than conventional electricity, you are reducing your carbon footprint and benefitting the environment.

Shed Solar Power Stations Do Not Require Planning Permission

Solar panels on sheds are classed as a ‘permitted development’, therefore no planning permission is required.

Use Solar Power to Transform Your Shed

the inside of a shed, lit by a solar-powered strip light

Once you have a solar-powered shed, you won’t want to spend your time anywhere else.

View our solar power stations and solar lighting kits now, and take the first step to illuminating your own garden building.

Updated 18.09.19 by the Buy Sheds Direct Blog Team