How to Build a Shed onto a Wooden Base

Towards the end of spring we all start to think about getting out into the garden. This is the ideal time to think about building your own shed. The base is often over looked, but if you fail to build your shed on a level and hard standing it can subside which can lead to panels and joists splitting etc.

Building a shed on a concrete, paving slab or wooden base couldn't be easier. Here we describe the entire process of building a shed using a wooden shed base kit.

Time to complete = Approx. 4 hour

People power require = at least 2


Tools needed to construct a shed:

  1. Hammer
  2. Lump hammer
  3. Step ladders
  4. Sharp craft knife
  5. Spirit level
  6. Tape measure
  7. Drill

Description of how to build shed onto a wooden shed base:

Building the wooden shed base:

  1. Lay out all the components of the wooden frame
  2. Measure and mark the positions for the shorter cross-bearers, make sure these are evenly spaced
  3. Pre-drill where you have marked (check instructions)
  4. Screw in the framework together
  5. Move the base to where you would like it positioned
  6. Use the spirit level to find the highest point
  7. Using the lump hammer, drive the first stake at the highest point until the top of the stake is just below the top of the wooden frame
  8. Pre-drill the the stake and framework and then screw them together
  9. Using a spirit level to keep the frame level, drive in the remaining stakes and attach them to the frame (check instructions for positioning)

Putting up the walls of your shed:

  1. Check the instructions
  2. Layout all the components
  3. Attach any doors
  4. Place the floor onto the prepared hard base
  5. Drill pilot holes to the side of the frames (top middle and bottom)
  6. Place the back-end and one of the sides into the upright position. Attach with screws via the pilot holes
  7. Repeat until all four sides are in position and free standing
  8. Drill holes into through the sides and the base into the runners underneath and attach using screws

Building the roof of your shed:

  1. Attach the long batons to the roof panels, one at the edge and the other offset (see instructions)
  2. Fix the z-brackets to the shorter batons and attach to between the gable ends (half way up)
  3. Attach the two roof panels
  4. Cut to length three sections of felt
  5. Attach the first two to the roof panels (using tacks)
  6. Attach the third section over the very top, between the two roof panels
  7. Nail on the barge boards and trim off the excess felt
  8. Install any windows