How Your Order is Affected by the Pandemic

We understand that some customers are frustrated by longer delivery times and rising prices. There are also products that are selling out before some customers can purchase them.

We wanted to take the time to explain to you what is happening in the garden product industry so you can understand why these current issues are occurring.

Manufacturing Gaps

During the first lockdown the manufacture of sheds, summer houses and other garden buildings was put on hold. As COVID measures were slowly put in place at factories and workshops, production began again but on a smaller capacity.

High Demand

At the same time, as the nation was restricted to its homes and gardens for recreation time, gardening became one of the nation’s key pastimes. This led to unprecedented demand for gardening goods.

Spring and summer are traditional high demand periods but lockdown increased this demand to rates the industry had not seen previously. Any stock reserves were quickly depleted.

Importation Issues

Brexit, COVID and transportation issues combined to cause delays in shipping. Some manufacturers source raw materials from overseas, such as glass for greenhouses, where they too were coping with the pandemic. This added further pressure for manufacturers.

These factors have combined to create lower stock levels, slower manufacture and longer delivery predictions.

Timber Costs

The cost of timber has seen a significant price increase. At a time when manufacturers have lost revenue due to producing fewer products, they have no choice but to share this increase with their customers. The vast majority of our products are wooden, so with our manufacturers raising their prices you will see some of the prices on our site rise too.

We, and the manufacturers with whom we partner, value our customers. Please be assured that we are doing all we can to provide you with the goods and service that will ensure your garden is a wonderful place to be this year.

Thank you for your patience.

The Buy Sheds Direct Team