Garden Sheds: The Definitive Buyers Guide

(5 things to consider when buying your next shed)

Question: When is a shed not just a shed?
Answer:   When it’s a pressure-treated shed with overlap-matching, apex roof and OSB flooring!
If that answer means little to you, you’re not alone!  With modern wooden sheds you now have many ways in which you can specify your next purchase other than just dimensions and the shape of its roof.  But choice can bring confusion.  Don’t worry though!

In this definitive guide to buying a garden shed we'll tell you the top 5 things you need to look out for when considering your next purchase - just click on any of the links below or on the left.

  1. Construction: Know your overlap from your shiplap?  
  2. Roof-Style: Pointy top or sloping (that's apex or pent)
  3. Treatments: Should you go for dipped or pressure treated?
  4. Types of flooring: OSB, T&G or...another obscure abbreviation. We'll explain!
  5. Foundations: Don't let your shed go all wobbly

Of course, if you have any specific questions that you like to raise with us, call 0333 003 0517 or contact us by email. We'd love to chat to you!