Do l need to treat my new Shed / Garden Building / Planter?

For the dip treated product ranges, the simple answer is yes. All of our timber garden products (excluding our log cabins) are supplied treated, but we recommend that you treat your garden building / products with a wood preservative that will protect against the elements after the first year, and thereafter every couple of years. Your shed will look good for longer, and the timber will be protected too. You can even apply colour if you want to make your garden shed more distinctive.

If you wish to apply a finish to your pressure treated timber items, we recommend use of oil-based penetrating finishes that are transparent or semi-transparent. Some clear water repellents and semi-transparent stains can be applied to treated wood soon after construction. Further applications for rot and fungal decay are NOT required for Pressure Treated products.

We do not recommend using paint or other film-forming finishes because long term maintenance of these finishes can be problematic. Whatever finish you use, always check the label of the finishing product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply the finishing product to a small exposed test area of your project before finishing the entire project to insure it provides the intended result before proceeding.

Any product cannot be returned once it has been modified by painting or varnish etc.