Shed Terminology Explained

Arbour - A light, open structure either formed from trees, shrubs, or vines closely planted and twined together to be self-supporting or formed from a latticework frame covered with plants. Arbours are generally less extensive and less substantial than "pergolas".

Cabana - A small cabin, simple enclosure, or tent-like structure erected at beaches or swimming pools as bathhouses.

Dip Treated - The wood is dipped into a treatment tank, offering a basic form of protection against rot and weathering. It is recommended that the product is retreated annually to maintain the timber.

Floor Joists – Wooden beams that sit parallel beneath the flooring, to provide added protection against surface damp. Floor joists must be supported by a firm and level base

Gardenhouse - An ornamental, usually open, garden structure used for dining, viewing, or relaxing.

Gazebo - A small structure, usually roofed and open-sided, located in gardens or parks from which one may gaze out over the surrounding grounds.

Greenhouse - A structure enclosed by glass (or other transparent or translucent material), and devoted to the cultivation and protection of plants out of season or climate.

Garage - A building or part of a building where motor vehicles are parked or housed, usually temporarily.

MFP (Multi Function Panel) - A high quality chipboard with consistent long strands, perfect for heavy duty load bearing. The board is bonded with a high quality melamine urea resin giving it long lasting resistance against humidity. In appearance it has a smooth surface and it is slightly stronger than OSB.

OSB (Orientated Strand Board) – Also known as Sterling Board, formed by layering chips of wood in specific orientations and bonding them under high temperature and pressure in a press to form a structural board with similar properties to plywood. In appearance it has a rough and variegated surface with the individual strips (around 2.5 by 15 cm (approx. 1 in by 6 in) each) lying unevenly across each other.

Pavilion - A part of a building that projects outward from the rest, or the detached or semidetached units into which a building is sometimes divided.

Pergola - A structure with open wood-framed roofs, often latticed and supported by regularly spaced posts or columns, and covered by climbing plants such as vines or roses, shading a walk or passageway Pergolas are distinguished from "arbours" which are less extensive in extent and structure.

Playhouse - A small house-like structure designed for children to play in.

Pressure Treated – The key benefit of this process is that the preservative is forced under vacuum pressure right deep into the heart of the wood and the grain structure. The preservative becomes an integral part of the wood; guaranteeing a long life (15+ Years) and protection against rot.

Roof Pitch – The angled degree of slope of a roof (from ridge to eaves)

Shed - A small structure, either freestanding or attached to a larger structure, serving for storage or shelter.

Shed Base – Made from Pressure Treated Wood or plastic, allowing a shed or garden building to be laid directly upon unprepared ground (however the area must be level) Ideal for a Non-DIY enthusiast as it requires no skills to prepare.

Smooth Planed Timber – Timber that has been planed to remove the rough surface

Sunhouse or Solarium - A building or room designed to receive maximum sunlight.

Summer house - A structure of varying forms in gardens or parks designed to provide cool shady places of relaxation or retreats from summer heat.

Workshops - Generally a larger space than a standard shed for optimal space for both storage and work space for hobbies or crafts.