7x7 Sheds

Choose from our range of 7x7 sheds and you will have a reliable garden shed that will serve you well for years to come. Our range includes corner sheds, barn style sheds, plastic sheds, metal sheds and traditional wooden garden sheds.

Our knowledgeable UK-based call centre is on hand should you need help selecting the best shed for your needs.

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7 x 7 sheds are a very popular choice among gardeners that want a bit extra, but if you were hoping to go for something a little smaller or indeed larger, we also have a range of other popular sizes to choose from, so have a look and find the perfect size to suit you and your garden: 6 x 4 Sheds 7 x 5 Sheds 8 x 6 Sheds 10 x 8 Sheds 12 x 8 Sheds

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