Metal Product Guarantee

Our metal sheds and storage units are low maintenance and should give you years of trouble free service.  However a little extra care will help to keep your product in good condition.  Follow these simple guide lines and your unit will remain in excellent condition:
Units should be washed down regularly (at least twice a year) with soapy water.

Hinges should be lubricated with suitable oil to ensure continued ease of use.

Paint Damage

Any paint damage (as a result of the unit being knocked, dented or scratched) should be touched up with exterior touch-up paint immediately, as some rusting may occur if left untreated.
Should rusting occur following a scratch or dent we recommend that the following steps are followed: 

The affected area should be gently rubbed down to base metal with a medium grade sand paper and the area treated with any rust inhibitor product.
Apply touch-up paint and leave to dry.

Condensation and Water Ingress

All metal storage units are designed with built in ventilation holes to minimise the build up of moisture (condensation) in the unit. However, in extreme conditions (such as a severe frost or heavy snow fall) some condensation may form. To minimise this, ensure the unit is situated in a well ventilated area i.e. not tight up against a fence or wall. This increased air flow around the unit will reduce the chance of moisture forming.

In the event of heavy snow fall, try to brush any thick snow from accessible areas of the roof of the unit.

In the event of a harsh frost the lock may stick. Simply pour a little warm (NOT BOILING) water over the handle to release the lock.

A small amount of water ingress may be experienced at times, usually after exceptionally heavy or driving rain.  Should this occur please check the joints are still sealed nearest to the water ingress and reseal if necessary with a clear all purpose silicone sealant. If you choose our installation service this is included.


Failure to comply with these essential maintenance instructions will invalidate the 10 year anti-perforation warranty.

If this does not solve the problem or if you have any other concerns please contact our customer care team on 0333 003 0517, we will be happy to talk you through and advise on the best solution. 

If the unit is over 12 months old there may be a charge for us to come out to resolve the problem.