How to Felt a Shed Roof

Your shed needs to have a water proof coving applied to the roof. The easiest way to achieve this is to use felt as it is relatively inexpensive and readily available. There's no need to pay some one to do this, felting or re-felting the roof to your shed couldn't be easier.

Time to complete = Approx. 30 minutes

People power require = At least two


Tools needed to felt a shed:

  1. Hammer
  2. Step ladders
  3. Spirit level / straight edge
  4. Sharp craft knife

Felting your shed roof:

  1. Work out how much felt you will need by measuring your shed roof's dimensions
  2. Cut to length three sections of felt, using the straight edge and remembering to add 5 / 10 cm to the length
  3. Attach the first two to the roof panels (using tacks)
  4. Attach the third section over the very top, between the two roof panels
  5. Fold over the and tack down the over hang of felt
  6. Nail on the barge boards and trim off the excess felt