How to build a shed

Building a shed that suits you is far easier that you might think. Usually you can build a shed, summer house or outhouse within three hours.

A shed seems so familiar to us all, but they offer an inexpensive and easy way for you to gain storage space. These days, sheds are so much more than a place to store the lawn mower. They can also be a retreat for Dad, a study / music room for the kids or even an extra room outside to enjoy dinner in the summer.

Time to complete = Approx. 3 hours

People power require = at least 2


Before you Start Building a Shed:

  • Have the instructions handy
  • Tools needed: Hammer, drill, step ladders, spirit level, sharp craft knife
  • Prep: Concrete or slap hardstanding (50 mm larger that shed footprint)
  • Hot tip: Read the instructions

Now's time to get building your shed

Putting up the walls of your shed:

  1. Check the instructions
  2. Layout all the components
  3. Attach any doors
  4. Place the floor onto the prepared hard base
  5. Drill pilot holes to the side of the frames (top middle and bottom)
  6. Place the back-end and one of the sides into the upright position. Attach with screws via the pilot holes
  7. Repeat until all four sides are in position and free standing
  8. Drill holes through the sides and the base into the runners underneath and attach using screws

Building the roof of your shed:

  1. Attach the long batons to the roof panels, one at the edge and the other offset (see instructions)
  2. Fix the z-brackets to the shorter batons and attach to between the gable ends (half way up)
  3. Attach the two roof panels
  4. Cut to length three sections of felt
  5. Attach the first two to the roof panels (using tacks)
  6. Attach the third section over the very top, between the two roof panels
  7. Nail on the barge boards and trim off the excess felt
  8. Install any windows

Now you can reflect on your efforts and enjoy your new shed.