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Dip Treated Sheds

Dip treated sheds have the more traditional preservative treatment that gives the familiar finish to wooden garden sheds. All of our dip treated sheds come with a 10 year guarantee against rot, when supported with annual retreatment, and we have a wide variety of styles including tongue-and-groove or overlap construction as well as pent or apex roofs.

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Why would I want a dip-treated shed?

The process of dip-treating timber is the most common method of applying preservative in bulk and is easily recognised by the attractive cedar-red finish that it leaves. The process achieves a similar preservative coating to brushing or spraying, but this happens at the factory – saving you time and effort. It is necessary to reapply a preservative treatment periodically to ensure your shed lasts.

Apex Roof Sheds

Apex sheds have superb headroom and storage room as a result of their sloping eaves.

The sloping eaves allow water to run off the roof, keeping your shed watertight.

Puddles of water will not form, meaning that the chance of timber decay due to water damage is limited.

The sloping eaves have a pleasing and traditional style, typical of a classic shed.

Pent Roof Sheds

Pent sheds feature one sloping roof panel, highest at the door end of the shed. This acts to deflect water off of the top of your shed.

Reduced chance of rot or water leakage.

Uniquely compact and attractive appearance.

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