Garden Shed Treatments

 All of our wooden sheds have some form of preservative treatment to prevent the timber from rotting due to adverse weather and fungal decay. Two types of shed treatment are available: dip-treated and pressure treated. We also offer a selection of shed treatments that are designed for use with garden timber structures, from garden sheds to fencing.

Dip Treatment

Dip-treated sheds are the most common and they can be recognized by their cedar-red finish. Dip-treating is the quickest and cheapest method of applying preservative to the sheds' timber but it is not as long lasting as pressure treatment and so requires regular applications of brush preservatives to maintain protection.

Pressure Treatment

Pressure-treated sheds have the preservative forced deep into the heart of the wood and the grain structure under vacuum pressure. In effect, the preservative becomes an integral part of the timber giving it a long life and effective protection against rot. Anti-rot guarantees with pressure treated sheds can be as much as 15 years.

Apart from longevity, the biggest benefit of a pressure-treated shed is that you never need to apply preservative throughout its lifetime. A more subjective consideration is that that the pressure treatment leaves the shed with a more natural timber colour which you may prefer.

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