Your Guide to Outdoor Bike Storage

So, you’ve finally decided – 2018 is going to be your year. You’re finally going to get in shape and improve your fitness. What better way to finally get a head-turning beach body than hopping on a bicycle? Fantastic exercise and great fun! You’ve purchased a new top of the range model, carbon fibre components galore. Your new friends at the cycling club are going to be in awe as you race past!

But, there’s a problem - where are you going to keep it?

The hallway? No chance. Your other half would not be best pleased if your muddy tyres stained the new cream carpets, not to mention the possibility of scraping the paintwork off the walls or, even worse, knocking the bike over whilst you’re laden with shopping bags.

Perhaps locked up outside? A better option, but unfortunately there are thieves and vagabonds at large, possessing all sorts of tools to make short work of flimsier bike locks. Definitely not worth the risk.

The answer? Bike Storage.

But what different types of bike stores are available?

There is a quite a range; from cheaper options like purposely designed tents to heavy duty metal units with five-point locking systems. Ultimately though, the most difficult choice would-be buyers are faced with is whether to opt for a wooden or metal store.


Wooden stores are best kept out of the sight of opportunistic passers-by either in a garden or side passageway. Admittedly more vulnerable than their metal counterparts, they look fantastic, blending in nicely with a traditional garden thanks to their natural appearance. You also have the option to paint them to match your shed, fence and any other garden buildings or features.

Moreover, pressure treated varieties will be guaranteed against rot and fungal decay for an impressive 15 years. They are designed to stand the test of time, protecting your bicycle for many years to come, with no maintenance from you required.

Be sure to place your wooden bike store on a solid, level surface such as concrete or paving slabs. Placing directly on the grass would only result in premature rotting, water damage, and subsidence.



Whilst they are more expensive than their wooden counterparts, metal bike stores are undoubtedly the most secure. No thief would want to take on a solid metal unit, anchored down to a concrete base; angle-grinders are difficult to carry around, and not the best accessory for a silent and swift operation.

The highest quality bike stores are fortresses boasting 25 year warranties, as well as LCPB’s Security Rating 1 and police preferred specification. They’re even fire proof, so will be more than a match for the elements and the worst of British weather. The larger varieties will be able to store multiple adult bikes, as well as helmets, shoes, locks and any other cycling accessories the shop assistant managed to convince you are ‘essentials’.

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A final note

Bikes are expensive. Investing in some suitable protection is a must. The heartbreak of a stolen or broken bike is so easily avoidable with a quality storage unit. Click here to view our superb range of bike storage.

Author: Lewis Bradley