It only comes around once every four years, so when it does – you need to work out the best way to enjoy it, who to enjoy it with and where you want to spend your time watching the matches. 

A lot of preparation has gone into this for many people this year...

Firstly, you may need to consider that you have a number of children that might not be welcome in pubs that are showing the games.

Secondly, should you choose to spend a lot of time in a pub watching the games, you probably would not be in you other half’s best books?

Thirdly, with so many football games – can you afford to go out of the house to watch all of them?

The solution…….

The perfect way to watch the football whilst spending time with your family and friends is to create your very own den in the garden. A garden den ensures that you can enjoy the lovely warm summer days as well as watching the all important footy and sharing the glory of it with your family and friends (please let there be glory).  With so many garden buildings on the market there’s the perfect den for any garden, with so many summerhouses, log cabins and gazebos you will be spoilt for choice. 

Football den must haves -

1. Large widescreen television
2. Fridge containing World Cup beverages and snacks
3. Plenty of seats or sofas for guests

With all this you will be fully set and ready to enjoy the football! C’mon England (or whatever Country you are supporting). Let’s hope it’s a good one!

Fancy having a den in your garden? Check out our log cabins video for more information