Anyone who works from home knows that their workspace needs to be just right. This can mean either privacy or availability, low levels of distraction, the right amount of space, light and warmth, it really is a particular thing.

One of the key elements of the Garden Office is the seclusion it can offer. If you have been working from a study or spare room, there are any number of distractions that can get in the way – the lure of the TV or radio, even family members. With our Log Cabins and Summerhouses, we have a selection of buildings offering privacy, the Wenlock cabin coming to mind. With smaller windows and relative seclusion, you won’t have to worry about distractions getting in the way of that important conference call!

However, some may want their office space to be a more welcoming, accommodating environment, possibly with room for chairs for clients or colleagues. With open-plan fronts, the Melbury and Mendip Cabins not only appear more welcoming and bright, they allow you to admire the rest of the garden from the comfort of your desk. Of course, with clients and colleagues in mind, you may want to consider the size of the garden building regarding space for additional furniture.

As far as your furniture goes, be sure that your desk of choice makes the most of its ‘footprint’, and includes drawers or extra desktop shelving. Don’t forget, it is likely that your desk will need space for a computer, paperwork and possibly a desk phone. If you choose resist the electronic age, or if your chosen vocation is with pen and paper in hand, maybe our range of timber Summerhouses is worth a look – with the right furniture, they can make great writer’s rooms.

Obviously, electricity is massive part of the home worker’s lifestyle. Getting power to a Garden Office is easier than you might think. One option could be to run a cable from the homes’ main power supply, although it should considered that any power costs to the business may be slightly more difficult to track this way; but employing a network cable alongside electrical cables is a sure-fire way to ensure powerful internet connectivity (internet powerplugs are also great) As a long-term option, many home workers are using Solar and even Wind energy to power their garden buildings.

Heat and light are also key areas of interest for the home worker, to ensure that the building becomes more than just a summer trend. Our range of Log Cabin Accessories include Underfloor Heating Kits, a rubber system which slips atop the wooden log floor and with a laminate floor above, make for easy temperature control using a thermostat. We also supply cabin insulation boards, which keep your building warm all year round with ease – and once they are installed they are literally zero maintenance. On top of this, our solar lights continue to be a great seller, and are hugely popular with shed users as well as home workers – an easy, environmentally-friendly way to light your office.

With a Garden Office, you can make your working life a real pleasure. As well as providing privacy and detachment from your home life, a garden building can really spruce up the look of any garden – with Log Cabins particularly capable of making a garden feel more modern and chic.

Who knows what you could do with the building once your working days are over? As a range of wonderfully strong, modern garden buildings, our Log Cabins and Summerhouses have capabilities as dining rooms, entertainment areas, extra accommodation or simply another place to relax. What more could you want for a post-retirement retreat?

Discover more uses for log cabins with our video below: