3’9 x 1’6 Forest Georgian Tall Wall Lean to Greenhouse with Auto Vent

Why Should I Buy a Greenhouse?

A greenhouse is probably the most life-changing garden building anyone can buy.

If you’re an experienced gardener, it offers you the chance to grow more exotic plants, generally unsuited to the British climate. For those of you who are aspiring gardeners, a greenhouse is the perfect place to start growing your own produce and learn the basics about plants.

Whatever your experience and circumstances, gardening is universally acknowledged as one of the best possible ways to improve both your mental and physical wellbeing. What’s more, homegrown fruit and vegetables are not only tastier and healthier, they’re cheaper too.

In short, the benefits of owning a greenhouse are immense. Nobody ever regrets buying one.

Do I Have Space for A Greenhouse?

a child watering plants in a greenhouseThe one thing that stops many people from buying a greenhouse is lack of space.

Perhaps you only have a small garden or a courtyard? Maybe your existing outdoor area is big enough but already packed with other garden buildings and features? Or have you already thought about buying a small greenhouse but decided its limited growing area means it isn’t really worth your while?

Whatever your reasoning, you’ve come to the simple conclusion that while you’d like a greenhouse, you just don’t have the room for one. Right? Wrong!

Introducing the Perfect Greenhouse for Smaller Gardens

The 3’9 x 1’6 Forest Georgian Tall Wall Lean to Greenhouse with Auto Vent (1.19m x 0.5m) offers a generous growing area and all the premium features you’d expect from a larger greenhouse, but is designed with a tiny footprint to make it suitable for any outdoor area.

Let’s examine what makes this glasshouse so special.

Intelligent Greenhouse Design

a diagram of the Forest Georgian GreenhouseIt might be less than 4 feet wide and only 1 1/2 feet deep, but at a height of over 6 1/2 feet, and with 2 removable shelves, this small greenhouse gives you plenty of scope to grow a wide range of plants.

Also, unlike most other lean-to glasshouses, this Forest greenhouse is fitted with a solid back panel, giving you the flexibility to position it wherever you like in your garden.

What’s more, the Georgian Greenhouse’s elegant, understated design means that it is sure to complement absolutely any style of garden.

Premium Greenhouse Build

the Forest Georgian Greenhouse, positioned at an angle and against a white backgroundThis wooden greenhouse is beautifully crafted from FSC®-certified timber, which is the only wood certification scheme endorsed by all of the major environmental charities. When you buy a Forest wooden product, you know that you’re making an eco-friendly purchase from an ethical company, who takes sustainability seriously.

The FSC® wood is fashioned into 12mm tongue and groove, which is renowned for its strength, durability and supreme weatherproof qualities. It is then pressure treated to guard against rot and rounded off with a sumptuous smooth-planed finish.

Forest has such confidence in the quality of their wood that they include an impressive 15-year anti-rot guarantee with this greenhouse. No further treatment is required, saving you money and leaving you more time to care for your plants.

Shatterproof Greenhouse Glazing

the Forest Georgian Greenhouse against a white backgroundWhile this Georgian Greenhouse is designed with a traditional appearance, Forest hasn’t shied away from using modern materials, whenever it is sensible to do so. This is why they have chosen styrene glazing, which boasts exceptional levels of light transmission, is completely shatterproof, and renowned for being far safer than conventional glass.

If you have a busy, family-orientated garden, especially children who play ball games, styrene glazing is a godsend.

Other Exciting Greenhouse Features

Not just a glasshouse with an exceptional design and construction, this Georgian Greenhouse boasts some really premium features too.

the Forest Georgian Greenhouse, with door and auto vent open

Choice of Door Position

The glazed door is fitted with a latch and can be installed with either a left or right-hand opening. Again, this benefits anyone with limited outdoor space because it allows you to choose the opening that gives you the easiest possible access to the greenhouse, depending on the orientation of your garden.

Automatic Vent

This wooden greenhouse also comes with an automatic vent, which is a premium feature usually reserved for larger, far-more-expensive greenhouses.

Of course, all greenhouses need ventilation, but the beauty of the auto vent is that you don’t need to be around for it to operate. The vent will open and close by itself, depending on the temperature inside the greenhouse.

seed trays on the Forest Georgian Greenhouse's shelvesRemovable Greenhouse Shelves

Once inside, the 2 removable shelves open up a whole host of gardening possibilities. You can keep them in place to maximise the number of pots, or remove them and grow taller plants. There aren’t any rules – it’s all about giving you the flexibility to grow whatever you want.

Maintaining This Greenhouse

a garden hose reelAs already mentioned, there’s no need to worry about retreating the wood to prevent rot but, like with any glasshouse, you must be prepared to clean it.

We advise removing the shelves and hosing down the interior, a couple of times a year. This will remove any dirt and pests.

Be sure to clean the styrene glazing too, using warm water and a small amount of antibacterial washing-up liquid. Remember, cleaner glazing ensures your greenhouse transmits more natural light, which is essential for healthy plants.

As a final job, wipe the shelving down with a damp cloth and fit it back in the greenhouse, if desired.

Greenhouses for Sale

the Forest Georgian Greenhouse painted greenHere at Buy Sheds Direct, we love greenhouse gardening and stock a superb range of greenhouses for sale.

However, if your heart’s already set on the 3’9 x 1’6 Forest Georgian Tall Wall Lean to Greenhouse with Auto Vent (1.19m x 0.5m), why not place your order now?

Remember, if you need further information or advice about any of our greenhouses then our friendly, UK-based Customer Service Team are always on-hand to help.