I recently watched a television programme on the BBC called “Increasing numbers are owning and working in sheds” and wondered what exactly people were actually using their sheds for?

Traditionally, sheds were stereotypically used for garden storage but not any longer it seems? My Grandfather had 2 sheds, one actually was for garden storage and the other was what he called his workshop. Even though this “workshop” was fully equipped with tools, a couple of vice’s, a radio and lots of wood ready for cutting – I honestly believe it was my Grandfathers escape – his ‘den’.

Neighbours of mine have recently erected 2 (what I would rather call Garden Buildings) sheds that are rather large. One is used to store children’s’ toys whilst the other had just had an alarm fitted and houses a huge flat screen plasma television and a comfortable sofa. It also has marble flooring and a fridge inside, along with many popular DVD titles.

They say a mans home is his castle but I am seriously starting to think that a mans (and by the term “mans” I mean “persons”) shed is now his castle !

So what are the top ten things we do in our Garden Sheds?

1. Tinker with tools (41%)
2. Gather junk (37%)
3. Pot up plants for the garden (30%)
4. Mend/make furniture (23%)
5. Work (18%)
6. Maintain or revamp cars, bikes etc (17%)
7. Play music (17%)
8. Drink beer (16%)
9. Read the paper (13%)
10.Have a sneaky cigarette (10%)

These are true actual statistics (number 10 made me giggle).

Public Houses have definitely used sheds a lot more since the smoking in public houses ban a couple of years ago – and why not? It has provided them with an easy solution.

It seems that it does not matter what our sheds are used for –  we love them and they are certainly becoming more and more popular.

The craziest story that I have heard of late, is that one Gentleman actually installed his shed with an engine and has an actual ‘Motorised Shed'. This shed can be driven and at speeds of up to 55mph.


The choices of design and the variety of the sheds and workshops that are now available in the market place are vast, along with new options of log cabins and summerhouses, also being more affordable, the versatility of the garden building is becoming more pronounced in giving a place to work, rest or play.

With the current economic climate, a new shed is fantastic way to get the bonus storage space or even an additional room at a much lower cost than an extension or moving home. 

That said, as proven above, it can be used for almost anything – what do you use yours for?