We take a look at our top 5 metal garden sheds and stores for your garden this year. Check out our top picks below.

Green Metal Bike Shed

Metal Bike Store - £489.99

When you really need to secure your valuables this is the ideal metal shed. Made of thick steel panels and featuring a three point locking mechanism – security is built in.The galvanized steel ensures that this a is hard wearing product which carries a 10 year anti-rust guarantee. The whole store can easily be secured to a concrete base.

Metal Bike Store | Buy Sheds Direct UK Access Metal Bike Store | Buy Sheds Direct UK

Green Access Bike Store Access Bike Store - £539.99

Similar to the metal shed above, except with a nifty lifting roof allowing full access. This model also features shielded locking points improving security and making it difficult for thieves to cut the included padlocks.

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Green Large Citadel Metal Shed Large Citadel Metal Shed - £1,324.99

This large, thick walled, low maintenance metal shed takes on the shape of more traditional garden sheds, coated with a weather proof polyester and has with a 10 year anti-rust guarantee. The large double doors maket his an idea shed to store motorbikes or quad bikes.

Man Next to a Large Barbican Metal Store Large Barbican Metal Store - £761.99

This large metal storage unit is ideal for smaller gardens, but use of hooks allow a great deal of secure storage. The double doors allow easy access and the double tool rail allows efficient use of space.

Green Small Citadel Metal Shed Small Citadel Metal Shed - £1059.99

Although this is a smaller metal shed option, there is still ample room to fit a motorbike. The wide double doors are great for moving large items in and out of the shed. This model is fitted with five point locking system and was awarded a Level 1 rating from the Loss Prevention Certification Board

* Please note: Prices correct at time of publishing, prices can go up and down so please check the current value before purchase.

If you want to learn more about the metal sheds we have to offer, take a look at our video below