Top 5 Garden Arbours

Impressive garden features in their own right, arbours aren’t simply offering somewhere to sit. At Buy Sheds Direct, we have a wide range of different styles, both traditional and modern in design, to complement any outdoor space. Many of our garden arbours incorporate trellis too, perfect for supporting climbing plants. An attractive wooden arbour adorned with roses, wisteria, jasmine, or clematis really is a sight to behold.

To help you find your perfect arbour, we’ve compiled a list of our 5 favourites to help you. Have a look below or view our full range of arbours here.

1) 5x3 Shire Rose Arbour

First on our list is the Shire Rose Arbour. A simple, classically-styled arbour, the Shire Rose is ideally suited to traditional country gardens. Imagine yourself comfortably seated, enjoying a spot of afternoon tea, surrounded by a backdrop of gorgeous roses. Could there be anything more quintessentially British? I think not.

wooden garden arbour Shire Rose Arbour

Constructed from superior tongue and groove timber, the Shire Rose isn’t just a pretty face; it’s a robust, sturdy garden structure built to last. Low maintenance too, all that’s required is a simple coat of treatment to guarantee against rot and fungal decay for an impressive 10 years; what’s not to love?

2) 5x2 Forest Infinity Arbour Seat

As a contrast to the Shire Rose, the Forest Infinity Arbour is more contemporary, perfectly complementing modern garden design Its unique design plays with persepective and creates a frame for your garden, drawing the eye beyond the arbour.

wooden garden arbour Forest Infinity Arbour

Perhaps even more impressive is the Infinity Arbour's durability. The timber has been pressure treated, and is guaranteed for 15 years against both rot and fungal decay, with no need for any maintenance – how impressive is that? There's even an Infinity Arch to consider too.

3) The Forest Venetian Corner Arbour Seat 

Another impressive design, the Forest Venetian Corner Arbour features a beautiful Venetian-style slatted roof, which allows the sun to shine through, yet protects you from unexpected summer showers, all whilst effortlessly reminding you of happy times spent on holiday with family and friends.

wooden garden arbour Forest Venetian Corner Arbour

As with the Forest Conwy, the Tatton garden arbour boasts impressive build quality and strength. The 12mm tongue and groove panels are more than a match for the worst of the weather, and the pressure treated timber possesses a lengthy 15-year anti-rot guarantee. An added benefit of the Tatton is the spacious seating area; wouldn’t it be to splendid to relax with your loved ones inside this stylish structure?

4) 7x4 Rowlinson Dartmouth Swing Seat

Everyone enjoys a lazy Sunday afternoon spent in the garden; the Dartmouth Swing Set is the ultimate arbour to help you completely switch off and watch the day go by, perhaps with a glass of wine in your hand and a bite to eat. As you nonchalantly sway back and forth, we’re sure your worries and concerns will dissipate into the atmosphere – you’ll be in a state of total relaxation.

wooden garden arbour Rowlinson Dartmouth Swing Seat

As with all our garden arbours, the Dartmouth is a high-quality product too. Pressure treated, it’s guaranteed for 10 years against rot and fungal decay, with no maintenance required from you. The fittings are rust-resistant too, ensuring the whole arbour looks fantastic for years to come. Who else is suddenly looking forward to lazy summer’s afternoons?

5) 6x4 Rowlinson Party Arbour 

Perhaps the most innovative garden structure featured on this list, the Rowlinson Party Arbour is an extremely popular unit. You can effortlessly convert this garden arbour from a place for daytime relaxation to evening entertainment in a matter of seconds; the integral seat lifts up, providing enough space to accommodate a barbecue up to 1500mm wide. The side panels raise too, becoming convenient tables for crockery, cutlery and sauces (plus the salad that you always buy even though you know no one will ever eat it). Your comfortable arbour seat is now ready to party!

wooden garden arbour bbq shelter Rowlinson Party Arbour

Supplied both pressure treated and fire-retardant, the Party Arbour is an investment piece guaranteed to bring endless hours of fun and happiness to your garden throughout the entirety of its 15-year guarantee and beyond. Barbecue season is well and truly underway; why not look at the Party Arbour today?

So, that’s our list of the top 5 garden arbours; what did you think of our selection? Why not let us know which arbour takes your fancy in the comments section down below? We’d love to hear your thoughts. If you found this article useful, or you know someone who’s on the hunt for a new garden arbour, please share it with your friends and family on social media – everyone here at Buy Sheds Direct would really appreciate it.

Remember, our range extends beyond the 5 arbours featured on this list, so please click here to view all of our products. Our range starts at under £160. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about any of our items.  

June 6th 2019 - Updated by the Buy Sheds Direct Team