an 8x6 wooden shed in a garden setting

If you’ve never purchased a shed before, choosing the optimal size, design, and material for your requirements can be a little overwhelming – there are almost innumerable options on the market.

Picking a size is a great place to start.

Which is the most popular shed size?

8x6 sheds are our most popular size of shed. Big enough to provide ample storage space for your outdoor furniture, lawnmower and garden tools, yet not so large as to dwarf more modest gardens, they provide the best of both worlds.

So, without further ado, here are five of our best 8x6 sheds:

A basic, dip treated apex overlap shed with no windows


1)  Forest 8x6 Overlap Dip Treated Shed

Basic and traditional, this unit is perfect for those searching for a cost-effective, dependable storage unit to house furniture and gardening tools. Constructed from straight edge overlap slats, as opposed to the inferior waney-edge slats commonly used, this shed is significantly stronger and more durable. Security hinges, as well as padlockable hasp and staple latch are provided, ensuring maximum protection.

Plus, due to its dip treatment, a 10-year anti-rot guarantee is included. The only maintenance required is a coat of high-quality wood preservative, just once a year. You can also opt to upgrade to pressure treatment for greater rot-resistance and a longer guarantee.

A green and silver apex metal shed


2) 8x6 Yardmaster Green Metal Shed 

Affordable and attractive, this Yardmaster shed is one of our best sheds. Constructed exclusively with hot-dipped galvanised steel and featuring padlockable doors, this unit is virtually impregnable – you’ll never need worry about the safety of your possessions.

Furthermore, the Yardmaster boasts an impressive 15-year guarantee against rust; it’s designed to stand the test of time. Though not as popular as their wooden counterparts, metal sheds like this one should not be overlooked.

A wooden shed with a pent roof and single and high row of narrow windows


3) Traditional 8x6 Pent Security Shed 

More contemporary by design, pent sheds like this Traditional 8x6 are becoming increasingly fashionable. Not only easy on the eye, this shed enjoys numerous quality-boosting features. For example, instead of a typical OSB (chipboard) floor, this shed comes with a 12mm tongue and groove wooden floor bolstering toughness and resilience.

Plus, the high row of windows add to the security-conscious design. And, of course, as with all of our pressure treated products, this shed comes complete with a 15 year guarantee against rot.

A grey plastic apex shed with double doors


4) 6x8 Palram Grey Skylight Plastic Shed 

Easy to install and maintenance free, Palram Skylight sheds are convenient and practical. Polycarbonate panels are used throughout the build, and together with a reinforced aluminium framework they form a rigid, strong structure. Plus, the panels are UV-protected; they won’t rot or discolour over time.

The unique skylight roof panels are a sight to behold too; from outside they appear to be standard and opaque, but they actually transmit abundant light, making finding items inside easier and creating a more pleasant internal environment.

a pressure treated, wooden apex shed with a log store on the left hand side


5) 8x6 Shed Republic Heavy Duty Shed with Logstore 

One of our premium shed ranges, the Shed Republic Ultimate range are famed for their superior build quality and stunning traditional designs. They’re professionally handcrafted, here in the UK, from the highest quality European softwood, and pressure treated to provide a 15-year anti-rot guarantee. The walls, roof, and floor are constructed with 12mm thick tongue and groove timber, and robust 34mm framing is used throughout. These sheds certainly earn the title ‘heavy duty’.

This particular unit features a practical 3ft logstore too – the perfect place to store wood, barbecues, and bicycles. If you’re serious about your garden, this shed just might be the one for you.


In case none of the above tickled your fancy, here are three more of our best sheds:

Forest 8x6 tongue and Groove wooden shed with two windowsYardmaster 8x6 Metal Shed Silver Shire 8x6 Potting Shed


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Main image: Forest 8x6 Overlap Pressure Treated Double Door Wooden Shed