The perfect Christmas present

The perfect Christmas present for the children is always a hard one isn’t it, just seems like they have everything doesn’t it! Buy Sheds Direct can help you out this year, making it easy and affordable! Our wooden playhouse range offers you the best entertainment for the little ones, great fun and allows their imaginations to run wild!

Maybe you already have a run down, wooden playhouse at the bottom of the garden that they aren’t too interested in anymore and you think it needs refreshing, now is the ideal time to renew and surprise them with a brand new playing area. For a fantastic price, why wouldn’t you?

You have a great range to choose from, each kid’s playhouse provides you different features of great quality. You might choose the stable door style offering the children extended play time and ideas or perhaps the double window design making play time more interesting. For a fantastic price, why wouldn’t you?

Meeting Toy Standards EN71.
We naturally feel the overwhelming sense of responsibility, as parents, when it comes down to the safety of our children, and would find it impossible to forgive ourselves if anything were to happen, which could be prevented.

Children’s toys and playhouses must meet the European Standard EN71, it is a legal requirement. EN71 has been put in place to specify safety requirements for toys. The safety standards are designed to protect children all over the European Union and put an emphasis on manufacturer responsibility.
Many advertised playhouses claim they have been tested to meet these standards, sounding “impressive”.

Thanks to our EN71 certification, our playhouses have:

  • No obtruding components that can inflict pain and serious injury.
  • Certified doors and hinges that will not trap fingers or cause injury.
  • Strong and rigid floors that will fully support the weight of your children.

Discover what playhouses Buy Sheds Direct have to offer here.