The March Garden Guide

March heralds the start of spring and the beginning of British Summer Time.

That said, it’s a month where the weather can be particularly unpredictable, sometimes feeling like summer in the sun and winter in the shade.

This all means there are lots of important jobs to do out in the garden; so, be sure to follow our top 10 gardening tips and make the most of your March garden.

Top 10 March Gardening Tips

seedlings growing in the soil


1. Sow Seeds  

Sweet peas, cosmos, broad beans, beetroot – there’s so many seeds you can sow in March.

Just be sure to check the advice on the packet before you begin.

If you’re sowing straight outdoors, make sure you warm the soil first, using either cloches or a suitable covering. 

a pile of mixed onions


2. Plant Shallots and Onions

Both of these vegetables are easy to grow and produce good yields.

Plant them now, in a sunny area, in well-drained soil, and they’ll be ready to enjoy by mid to late summer.

a slug on a leaf


3. Slug Control

With the weather likely to get warmer, slugs will be out in force.

Seedlings and herbaceous plants are the most at risk.

If you want to avoid using chemicals, then traps, barriers and coffee grounds are just some of the many preventative measures available.

red gladioli growing in a garden


4. Plant and Divide Perennials

Take perennials out of their pots, dust the roots with mycorrhizal fungi and plant them to the same level they were growing in the pots.

Dividing summer-flowering perennials which are already in the garden promotes their healthy growth and offers you a cost-free way to multiply your plants.

yellow daffodils growing in a garden


5. Daffodil Care

It’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of a new spring, but it’s still important to keep an eye on the future.

For beautiful daffodil blooms next year, nip off any fading flowers but not the leaves.

This means the food will go to the bulb, to the benefit of next year’s flowers.

a close up of a lawn


6. Mowing the Lawn

If your lawn needs mowing, and providing the weather is dry, put the mower on its highest setting and give it a trim.

The mower’s high setting will avoid damaging the lawn and encourage strong growth.

If you haven’t yet serviced your mower, or given it a good clean, NOW is the time.

a beautiful pink rose


7. Prune Roses

Cut out dead, diseased and crossing stems, then prune those you keep to no more than ¼ inch from the buds.

Aim for an open-centred shape with outward growth, which will promote good airflow and a healthier plant.

a 6x3 wooden planter with plants growing inside


8. Rejuvenate Containers

Remove the top layer of compost and replace it with new.

As well as adding more nutrients, this will break up solid surfaces, improve the container’s appearance, and get rid of weeds.

a close-up of milkweed


9. Combating Weeds

Talking of which, now is the perfect time to put weed barriers in place as a preventative measure.

For existing weed problems, manual removal (including hoeing) and smothering are effective alternatives to chemicals.

a basil plug plant


10. Plug Plants

Plug plants are those that are halfway between a seed and a fully-grown plant.

The temperature outside is still too cold for them, so place them somewhere warm, like a greenhouse or on a windowsill.

Water them thoroughly and then put them in containers of multi-purpose compost.

Once the danger of frost has passed, they are ready to be placed in their new, permanent homes in the garden.

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