The June Gardening Guide

In June, the warmer days and extra daylight hours encourage a surge of growth in your garden, but to fully appreciate those summer blooms you need to keep on top of everything.

Here are our top 10 tips for making the most of your June garden and ensuring that it remains in good shape for when we enter the second half of the year.

Top 10 June Gardening Tips

A close-up of daisies growing on a lawn.

1. Plenty of Hoeing

Keep down weeds by regularly hoeing them off at soil level.

Prevent them flowering so they will not seed and their underground parts will eventually starve.

A blue lawnmower on a lawn.

2. And Plenty of Mowing

Your lawn is growing very quickly now and weekly, or even twice weekly, mowing is the best way to maintain its good health.

Regular mowing will also stop weeds in their tracks.

The 6'4x8'6 Halls Popular 68 Small Greenhouse, full of plants, situated on a lawn, at the end of a path, with its doors and vent open.

3. Vent and Shade Greenhouse Plants

The temperatures reached in ‘flaming June’ can cause overheating and seriously damage those plants you choose to keep in your greenhouse.

Good air circulation and effective shading will help you negate this problem.

The Rowlinson Garden Creations Wooden Rectangular Planter 3x1, full of red and green flowers, situated on a patio.

4. Plant out Summer Bedding

With the mornings now frost-free, it’s safe for you to plant out everything that makes up your gorgeous summer garden.

Ensure the soil is weed-free and make sure your plants are well-watered so that their roots establish quickly.

A summer hanging basket containing purple petunia.

5. Display Summer Hanging Baskets

Take further advantage of the lack of frost by moving your summer hanging baskets out of cover.

With daily watering, weekly deadheading and fortnightly feeding, your Viola, Petunia and other delights will provide your garden with beautiful eye-level blooms.

tomatoes growing on the vine

6. Pinch-Out Side Shoots on Tomatoes

To grow the tastiest, juiciest tomatoes on a stem, make sure that you pinch off any side shoots with your fingers.

This ensures that the main shoot receives maximum energy and your salad bowl reaps the rewards.

a close-up of a lettuce

7. Harvest Early Crops

Preventing early crops from maturing will help you achieve multiple harvests of tasty, tender lettuce and radishes over the coming months.

Sow short rows at fortnightly intervals to keep yourself well supplied.

purple irises

8. Stake Tall Plants

Surging summer growth makes some perennials vulnerable to collapse so make sure that you provide them with additional support.

Wind and rain will exacerbate the problem and low-growing stems will be destroyed by garden pests.

A large amount of sprouts

9. It’s Time to Sow

You’re still in time to sow the seeds of quick-growing crops in time for late summer.

With one eye on the winter, now is also a good time to plant sprout seedlings in well-consolidated soil.

Water coming out of a green and orange watering can, with a plant in the background.

10. Be Mindful of Water

June can be a dry month and hosepipe bans may be just around the corner.

Your plants need plenty of water so make sure that you use it effectively by watering them early in the morning and last thing at night.

Purchasing a water butt is a wise investment.

The 3x4 Forest Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse with Auto Vent, with door open, plants inside and situated on a patio.

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