The July Garden Guide

July is often the warmest month of the year and your plants will be relying on you to help them cope with the hotter, drier conditions.

Here are our top 10 tips for ensuring that your July garden remains in good shape and that you continue to enjoy those magnificent blooms.

A close-up of a sunflower in a July garden.

Top 10 July Gardening Tips

Red and orange flowers with green foliage in a wooden planter.


1. Water Container Plants

Even during a wet summer, container plants will need watering.

Thick, lush foliage can prevent the rain from reaching the soil, so make sure that you water near the planter’s rim and don’t just give the leaves a sprinkle.

Purchase a water butt to conserve rainwater and continue to water your plants first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

a close up of a lawn in a July garden


2. Feed the Lawn

Your lawn will need feeding this month, particularly if you didn’t provide it with a spring feed.

Choose a suitable summer feed to ensure it receives the necessary nitrogen, continue to mow twice weekly and over-seed any sparse areas to keep the whole lawn looking nice and green.

Lots of purple petunias in a July garden.


3. Deadhead Bedding Plants

Nip-off any fading blooms from bedding plants and flowering perennials.

This ensures that all of the plants’ energy goes into growth and producing new blooms.

It also prevents them from scattering too many seeds into unwanted areas.

Weeds on a lawn in a July garden.


4. Hoe Weeds

Weeds thrive in the sunshine, so you will have to work hard to stop them with regular hoeing.

Be particularly vigilant for moss, which sucks up the nutrients that are vital to your lawn.

A white-framed lean-to greenhouse, positioned on a patio, in a July garden.


5. Damp Down Greenhouse Floors

Even with air vents, conditions in your greenhouse will be oppressively hot so, twice a day, pour water onto the greenhouse floor.

This will increase humidity and prevent your plants from losing too much water through their leaves.

A variety of houseplants next to a first floor window.


6. Care for Houseplants Whilst on Holiday

The school summer holidays begin this month and, consequently, many of you will be going away.

Although they can survive a few days without care, houseplants need watering before you go and moving to a cooler area, well away from the window.

If you’re away for more than a few days then ask a neighbour to pop by and water them for you.

Lots of ripe peaches in white paper bags.


7. Harvest Fruit

Your peaches and apricots should be fully-coloured by now.

Once the flesh near the stalk is soft, they are ready to eat.

Pick courgettes now for the best possible taste and continue to feed fruit that is still growing as your compost’s nutrients could be running low.

Lots of black aphids on a green leaf.


8. Control Aphids

Aphids suck the sap from your plants and spread disease, so kill them on sight.

If left alone, they will quickly multiply and far more niggly, time-consuming treatment will be required to save your plants.

A straw hat, red and orange gardening gloves, and 2 pairs of secateurs.


9. Prune Wisteria

July is the perfect month to cut back your wisteria for the second time this year.

Ensure the sun can get to the older wood, which helps buds to form and improves air circulation.

This will not only improve your wisteria’s appearance but reduce the risk of disease too.

That’s job done until next year.

A raised, wooden fish pond with sump, positioned on a lawn.


10. Maintain Ponds

Surface weeds and debris can quickly take over your pond, so be sure to regularly remove them with a stick or net.

Also, in hot conditions water evaporates, which makes it more difficult for fish to breathe.

The best way to top up a pond is with rainwater from a water butt.

A silver-framed greenhouse, full of plants, positioned on a lawn, with paving slabs in front of the doors.


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