I often look at my electricity bill in disbelief, trying to count how many light bulbs I have, along with other electrical goods, closing doors after my children and switching off TV's, but always still wondering why I am paying so much? Now I'm hoping that my new solar shed light will save me a few more pennies .....   

Our generation, and that of our children, are being educated on the impact of our actions on our environment, and I for one, am certainly more conscious of being environmentally friendly. 

With newspapers and TV programmes talking about reducing our carbon footprint, and how doing even the smallest of things could make a huge difference, I find that it makes me think before completing everyday tasks or buying new products. Be it through walking to work rather than driving, ensuring that household items are switched off rather than on stand-by, recycling or composting, the more we do now will benefit our families future.  

Electricity is a product that we have all come to rely on over time and now we are keener than ever to ensure that we have light in our gardens and storage spaces, and I am no exception! For me personally, it is to avoid that spiders cob web that always seems to wrap itself in my hair, or to access the deepest darkest depths of my shed, so that I too can find that pot of last year’s creosote or the screwdriver that has been laid a strew from the tool chest. 

As we search for that greener, more efficient method to heat and light our garden buildings, solar lighting has become a quick and easy way to get the light without paying the price (literally and ecologically). It's also much easier than trying to hook your shed up to the National Grid!! 

Cheap solar power has been available for quite a while now, but it has only recently become more affordable and compact enough to be practical.  Now solar lights can be discretely fitted to any outdoor building, whether it’s a garden sheds, summerhouses or workshops. With ranges of solar shed lighting for garden rooms being found in many retailers and on the web, it seems that it is just the case of finding the right look and design for your garden or garden building.

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