Every garden needs a shed, a place that you can call your garden tools home as well as the various other items and equipment that cannot be stored in the home. When you first built your shed you will remember its impressive finish that stood boldly in the garden however over the years the weather has taken its toll and reduced it to a little less impressive. Restore your sheds beauty with these clever ideas that will suit any garden. One occurring question that we get is “ideas on how to paint my shed” and this blog will give just those and more!

How to paint your shed

The first and easiest way to make your shed stand out is with a lick of paint. Here are plenty of ideas on how to paint my shed. All types of colour schemes can be added to a shed and this will bring an old shed back to life. The amazing thing about painting a shed is that you have complete freedom as to what colours or scenes you can create. Why paint the shed a single colour when you could have a different scene for each wall? The whole family can get together and have a wall each that they can call theirs.

Ideas for wall features

  • Sky
  • Beach
  • Sunset
  • Jungle
  • Sports Pitch/Arena
  • Animals

For the exterior of a shed you can choose a solid colour scheme for a professional finish or go creative and turn it into a permanent rainbow.

Painting your shed will not only restore natural beauty but will also restore resistance to the weather damage and therefore extend the sheds life. Whatever you choose to do remember its your shed and that you are completely free when it comes to ideas on how to paint your shed.

Painting is the easiest way, but why not turn it into a project that the whole family can help?

Family Photo Studio

The possibilities are endless, print off some images and attempt your very own feature wall! The great thing about having multiple walls are the multiple scenery’s you can create and therefore turn your shed into the home family photo studio, perfect for the photos to hand out to grandparents at Christmas. Grab yourself a tripod and time your shots so you can create all types of scenes inside the shed.

Wild West Saloon Bar

If you are a family that regularly entertains, why not create your very own Saloon bar. A oldish timber shed will be the perfect house for the bar and when a few bar stools are added and a self made bar, it really will look the part. Each wall can have its own theme reflecting the Wild West, one wall full of horses, the other cowboys and so on. Again the possibilities are endless. Why not add a set of rafter doors for the complete look?

Beach Bar

Another great way to turn an old shed is to take advantage of the beached look and convert the shed into a beach bar. With a blue and sand colour scheme you can turn the inside into your very own beach. Add in some driftwood and even a sand section to entertain your guests all year round without ever having to worry about the tide coming in.

Princess castle/Army Base

Maybe your storage needs have been quenched by a new larger shed but you still have the old shed that you can turn into a space for the children in the Garden. First thing you will need to do is eliminate any safety hazards which could be loose boards, sharp nails or broken windows. Once this has been done you can give the shed an all over Pink paint and add fairy lights inside to create your princesses own little palace. For the boys of the family add some camouflage netting and a camo paint finish and this gives them an area to plan and play throughout the year.

These are just a few of the hundreds of choices you can choose for your garden shed. At a minimal cost you can spruce up any shed and restore the beauty to your garden.