Shed of the Year is back!

Shed of the Year is back for 2016! We are looking forward to seeing some fantastic entries hoping to win the coveted grand prize and be crowned Best Shed of 2016.

Last year saw some incredible creations, and we covered all of them from the entries right through to the winner of the competition. It is greeat to see so many people getting involved and making something special out of something so ordinary, so this year we are doing a feature on the whole competition, starting with the categories and how to enter.

The Categories

This year, the categories have changed slightly, so here is a quick run-down of the type of entries you can expect to see:


Replacing what used to be the ‘Normal’ category, this category focuses on what is inside the shed. The main goal of this category is to have the last thing anyone would expect to be inside your shed, so the stranger the better!

View Unexpected entries


Think your shed is eco-friendly? Definitely submit it to this category. This cateogry showcases some of the best eco-sheds around, and some of them are incredible. The work that goes into making a shed eco-friendly might be a bit of a hassle, but it is so rewarding, and definitely worth the struggle!

View Eco entries

Garden Office

This used to be a single category, but this year it has been merged with the Workshop & Studios category. This means that any workshop, studio, or garden office (basically any outdoor working area) will be grouped into one mega category!

View Garden Office entries


Got your own little getaway in your back garden? Share it in the cabin/summerhouse category. There is also the opportunity to submit some spectacular summerhouses, ready to make everyone jealous of how you get to spend the warmer days and evenings.

View Cabin/Summerhouse entries


Staying the same from last year, this category is all about doing your shed up on the cheap. What can you make out of your shed for minimal money?

View Budget entries


Again staying in from the 2015 competition, the historic category showcases a shed from the ages. These can be replicas of famous outbuildings from history, or just have a historical twist to them!

View Historic entries

Pub & Entertainment

Previously just the ‘Pub’ category, this has always been a favourite for competitors and spectators alike. Now the Pub & Entertainment category, this is where you submit a distillery shed (like the 2015 winner), or your very own retro games room.

View Pub & Entertainment entriess


A merge of the Tardis and Unique categories, this is where you will be able to submit all of your whacky, weird and wonderful creations.

View Unique entries

How to enter

Entry for the competition runs until May 15th, after which public voting will commence and finally the winners of each category will go head to head on Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces to fight for the title!

If you want to submit your shed, or see some of the fantastic entries, head over to Reader Sheds.

Best of luck to everyone involved, and of course if you want to show off your shed just send us a message on Twitter - don't forget the #shedoftheyear so everyone can see it!