Last night we saw the Grand Final of the Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year. The episode looked at three categories in total as well as a summary of all the winners so far in the competition.

Winners of the categories

Cabins and Summerhouses

Cabins and Summerhouses was the first category that we were shown which was full of impressive creations.

The first cabin that we were shown was Rebecca and John’s tribute to everything American. Instead of a holiday to USA this year they put the cash into creating their own cabin, using American materials that have all been recycled or repurposed and inside gives you a true American feel. Using it as an escape from the day to day hassles, the cabin cost them around £15,000 and has proven a worthwhile investment.

The next cabin we were shown was a miniature medieval rail house created by Tim and Brian who used the same tools and materials to create the authentic feel. As a carpenter the attention to detail is fabulous and took only a few weeks to build. Once inside, Tim lets his imagination take flight and is home to his artwork and a place where he can work his crazy spin paintings. The cabin oozes imagination and sets a tough benchmark for this category.

The third cabin is a commuting shed that is constantly on the move. Mark builds bespoke cabins and decided to create the moving tea room so that he and his team can escape the elements when needed on site. All the timber has been re-claimed and makes use of scraps. Inside the cabin is coined the pixie cabin and has a warm feeling inside using handy features to make the most of the cabins inside space.

The final shed in the Cabin and Summerhouse category was the stunning summerhouse from Bill, hand crafted by himself. The “Shedible” pays homage to the original shell which was an old mobile takeaway truck. Costing under £2000, the once burger van has been re-incarnated into this amazing summerhouse that is a place for bills family to relax and enjoy and a place for the children’s sleepovers. What a great idea and an example of wild and clever visions.

The winner of that category was the first cabin we saw, Rebecca and John’s American styled retreat and we felt that this was a good choice and one that will do well in the final. This took us onto the next category which is Workshops and Studios.

Workshops and Studios

The first workshop we were shown was huge! Shener started his photography love back in 1985 and fast forward 30 years he has his own studio where he does everything photography related. The workshop is a great combination of homage and function and has everything that is needed to continue his passion.

Next saw a re-entry from last year’s competition. Angela and Alban have entered the competition once again using the first ever shed he created, a space for Angela to work in coined “My Lady’s Retreat”. The retreat even has its own bedroom and tea room for Angela to escape when she has had enough of potting! Alban’s attention to detail is magnificent and I can only wish for someone to make me a similar space when I am retired!

The third cabin is Luke’s amazing creation, recycling most of the materials and costing only £600. Luke’s passion of Chainsaw Carving has given this cabin a completely different touch and one that would be hard to be re-created. Inside we see a fully functioning workshop where Luke can work, again mostly coming from recycled materials.

Lyndon, a wicked inventor who has created all sorts of wacky wonders is the fourth contestant, showing us his magnificent shed where all his creations are born. Inside Lyndon’s imagination comes to life and is packed with all sorts of weird and wonderful contraptions.

The public decided that the winner of the Workshop and Studio shed of the year was to be Luke’s Cabin of Green man, the hand crafted cabin that is home to his Chainsaw creations. That was not the only winner, Alban received a second award as a homage to one of the best creators that the completion has ever seen and didn’t he deserve it.

Garden Office

This episode saw one more category, the Garden Office category and although we were not shown around them thoroughly, we saw small clips that brought even more ingenuity to the table. Chrissie'sCrafty Monkey at the Beachwon this category, a place where she keeps her potting, painting and runs her small arts business.

The episode then went through each of the winners from the previous episodes as well as the three winners from today. We were reminded of the winners and just why they won! Not a single disappointing shed.

Next came the Judges, the shed team combined with the creator of the competition as well as the winner of last year’s set of sheds. Through hard debates the judges came down to two candidates which it was clear that it was not an easy task. The judges came to a draw and therefore the decision was thrown to the public once again.

The final two contenders of this year’s competition were Tracey and Leo’s Owl House and Walter’s Distillery. Both outstanding creations and both definite winners. The public decided that the winner or this year’s competition was in fact Walter’s Distillery who was thrilled with his win.

To see more pictures of Walter's winning shed visit Reader Sheds and take a look around his spectacular creation.

That’s it for this year’s sheds and we cannot wait for next year’s selection. What is clear is that we will never be able to look at a shed again as “just a shed”. We hope that this year’s collection has inspired you to transform your very own shed and if it does, why not enter next year’s competition and see where your creations can take you!