Our environmentally friendly solar panels for sheds will save you money

During last years 'shed of the year' contest, we were particularly impressed with Kevin Holland's Solar Shed entry, which supported eight 250 W solar panels. If you want to emulate this great shed, we have some great solar power products to get you (most of the way) there.

Solar Panel Solar power stations

We now have several solar power station systems so that you can easily supply electricity to your garden building, without having to pay for an electrician to lay a power line. These systems have the advantage of providing bill-free electricity without impacting on the environment.

In the UK it is best to mount these solar panels on a south facing shed roof panel, ideally at a steep 60° angle. If your shed or garden building isn't orientated to allow this, these panels can be placed on a wall or platform. Be aware that the further north you are, then less solar energy will get to you, so you may need more cells – especially during Winter. But what can you use these solar cells for?

Garden Workshops

If you are thinking of powering low-power fluorescent lighting and power tools from your inverter, you could get away with installing a 80 W solar power plant. This is because these tools are only used for a few minutes at a time. You could even run a digital radio while you work.

Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Should you wish to run a TV with a games console and a few fluorescent lights for up to 4 hours a day, you could opt for out 120 W solar panel system. This system is also great for running a PC for a couple of hours or charging your laptop.

Your Garden Office in a Shed or Log Cabin

Our 150 W solar panels are ideal for use in you garden office. The solar panels should provide enough power to run a fax, printer or even a laptop (charging for 4 hours a day) as well as fluorescent lighting each day.

During the darker Winter months you may need to invest in more solar panels to achieve the same power levels. If you wanted to run your under floor heating system off of solar panels you will need at least 450 W (3 x 150 W system).

Man inside a shed Internal lighting powered by solar PV cells

We now have some great internal lighting systems to keep your log cabin, shed or garden office lit for at least 7 hours a day. The best part is that the whole system is quick and easy to install, without the need for an expensive electrician.

Solar powered light on a wall External lighting for your shed

We have several external lighting options which are activated with either a PIR sensor or by remote control. These are a great deterrent against unwanted visitors and is especially useful considering that theft from the garden is on the increase.

Be sure to check out the outdoor lighting that we have to offer to help brighten up your garden.