The old shed down the bottom of the garden doesn’t need to stay old and boring and only used as storage, escape the shed life, you could spice it up by turning it into a garden room; a space just for you, as a place to escape to. Perhaps you could benefit from a workshop area, where you could have a workbench, tool racks and other pieces of equipment to maintain the motor vehicles you own and love. You may decide to create a calm, relaxed area in the garden for when the hustle and bustle is too much in the house.

You may decide to keep your old shed for the purpose it is currently serving and create a garden room to spend time in elsewhere; we can help you with that, with our range of garden buildings that we have to offer, as you know. Whether it is a workshop, log cabin, shed or summerhouse; we have ranges for them all.

Garden buildings are used for all kinds of things, guest houses, games rooms, art and craft, music studio etc. whatever it is that you love; you should create a place just for you, just for that reason. It’s a great escape and there are times where a little time to yourself does you good; working during the day, getting home and starting the house work, kids’ entertainment, tea times and bed times, we know it’s stressful as parents ourselves.

Picture this: in the summer, you have friends round in the garden for BBQ’s and the children are playing in the paddling pool. It’s all good fun. You are sat around the table on the patio, wining and dining, as it then gets a little chilly around the shoulders, you don’t have to go inside the house; you could simply move into the log cabin/garden room (shed)/summerhouse which you have converted into a relaxing environment with a small bar area, and continue the fun inside, but still outside. Make sense? Sounds brilliant doesn’t it…ideal.

Using your shed as a games room, you would save the noise and mess from being in the house, it would be out of the way and the kids would love it.  A pool table, TV, sofa…they would love it.

If you are a workaholic and work from home a lot when others are around it may get a little distracting, how good would it be to escape into the office, but outdoors? You could have the office based outside in the shed! Once you’ve created space and had a clean up, there is a perfect opportunity for you to move your work into the shed and work in a more peaceful environment. You may need a small heater in there to take the chill off, however, what another fantastic idea.

The ideas will never end; your imagination will run wild and you will find yourself creating the perfect space.

So, get yourself sorted with all the cleaning supplies you need, get a few hands on deck for the manoeuvring and you will be preparing the first stage of this magical place you are about to set yourself up.

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