Overlap cladding

Constructed from rough sawn down boards and finished with a factory applied surface treatment, our 8mm overlap cladding offers:

• Low maintenance
• Practical outer shell
• Rustic appearance
• Overlap style offers effective water deflection

Want to know more about overlap cladding? Check out our video below:

Tongue and groove

Tongue and groove sheds are manufactured from interlocking tongue and groove boards. The tight fitting nature of this construction material offers greater protection against the elements:

• Interlocking panels create a more robust structure
• Superior water protection
• Stylish finish

So there are advantages and disadvantages to both, Tongue and groove tends to be a little more expensive due to the features it can offer to you, the quality of protection is higher and the interlocking boards give a stronger structure. Overlap is the low maintenance option, less quality option as it is usually a thinner thickness cladding.

The appearance of both types of cladding would be entirely down to your opinion as to which you prefer, however the look of your shed may not matter to you.

Take a look at both types of our cladding on the shed you would be interested in, take all features into consideration and make that final decision. The best way to ensure your choice is the best quality is by choosing the right treatment, pressure treated is strongly recommended as it has a 15 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay, whereas dip treated is guaranteed for 10 years, either way they are both great sheds.