Outdoor Living in the Night Garden

Picture this scene…

It’s been one of those glorious days, where the late-summer sun hung lazily in the blue, cloudless sky, completely uninterrupted, from the moment you rose until well into the evening. Now, as dusk begins to descend and you’re treated to a vibrant new moon and an ink-blue sky full of sparkling stars, you and your friends are ready to enjoy outdoor living at its finest, courtesy of your shrewd investments from Buy Sheds Direct.

Right on cue, your garden is tastefully illuminated by 50 charming Solar Garden Lighting Copper Wire LED Hearts, shining on your little social gathering but leaving the rest of the world clothed in darkness. How satisfying, you think, as you serve the drinks, to enjoy garden lighting without any increase, whatsoever, in your electricity bill.

50 Solar Garden Lighting Copper Wire LED Hearts

Conversation amongst the happy guests is in full flow, but you can still hear the soft murmur of running water coming from your new 25 Gallon Flatback Raised Pool (*£109.99), positioned against the low-level back wall. Two of your friends are sat on the pool’s integral bench seat, getting a closer look at this charming water feature.

25 Gallon Flatback Raised Pool

As you mingle, you reflect that late summer evenings can be deceptively chilly. Not in your garden, though, for your Prima Stainless Steel Fire Bowl (*£99.99) is emitting a wonderfully warm glow as it barbecues the salmon fillets to perfection. The durable stainless-steel rim and robust cast iron frame will ensure you get to enjoy the services of this marvellous fire pit for many, many years to come.

Prima Stainless Steel Fire Bowl

Your loved one is surrounded by a sprinkling of excited guests, who are all stood inside your new garden centrepiece: the 8x7 Rowlinson Willow Gazebo (*£399.00). With its attractive hexagonal design and partially-open lattice sides, this gorgeous gazebo offers you the best of both worlds: an effective outdoor shelter, but one which allows you uninterrupted views of your garden.

A growing number of people are gathering around the gazebo now. Your spouse, never one to shy away from attention, gestures in turn towards all of your exciting acquisitions and addresses the crowd.

8x7 Rowlinson Willow Gazebo

‘We bought all of these marvellous things from the high-end garden retailer, Buy Sheds Direct,’ he says. ‘Remarkably, everything combined cost us of about £600.’

A gasp from your guests.

You join your better half, centre-stage, raise a glass and propose a toast. ‘To Buy Sheds Direct,’ you say with a satisfied smile.

Your happy guests enthusiastically follow your lead. ‘To Buy Sheds Direct,’ they cry.

Why not let Buy Sheds Direct help you live your own dream in the night garden? We stock everything you need (excluding the food and drink, of course), so please take a look at our superb range of outdoor living today.

*Prices as at 20/07/18