Our favourite Shed of the Year 2016 entries

After Shed of the Year 2016 saw a record-breaking 2,825 entries submitted the judges must have had a really difficult job narrowing down each category to just 4 submissions each for the shortlist. We took a look at the shortlisted entries and chose our favourites from each of the categories to give you an idea of the sheds being entered and who the potential winner could be!

A selection of our favourite sheds

Have you ever experienced a flood and had your shed suffer from the damage? Not to mention all of the goods inside your shed? Well, these guys decided they wanted to make sure that if a flood did happen, their shed could be lifted off the ground. We didn't quite know what to make of it, a shed that is suspended in the air sounded a bit strange to us, and some heavy lifting would definitely need to be involved. But when we saw what they had done we were extremely impressed.

The Raisebury shed, Reader Sheds, http://www.readersheds.co.uk/share.cfm?SHARESHED=5784

Costing over £1000 to create, this shed features  four hydraulic legs (definitely not what you would expect to find in a shed!) to lift it off the ground at the push of a (remote control) button in the event of a flood. How cool is that!

You can see the shed in action here

The Rasisebury Shed featuring hydraulic legs, Reader Sheds http://www.readersheds.co.uk/share.cfm?SHARESHED=5784

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At Buy Sheds Direct we do love eco-friendly gardens, so we had to show some appreciation for this incredible eco-shed entry!

West Wing, Reader Sheds http://www.readersheds.co.uk/share.cfm?SHARESHED=5840

This eco-shed is split over three sections featuring:

  • A bed in a loft space and an area to relax in
  • secret room accessed through a bookcase for the children (all our childhood dreams are coming true right now!) to play and sleep in
  • An area for storage and a workshop

This did cost over £1000 to build, but we think it is fantastic and we are sure the kids love their own little hideaway area! And if that isn't enough, this shed is made from 90% recycled materials and took a whopping 8 years to complete. That is some serious dedication to making sure that your shed is eco-friendly and everything you want it to be.

You can see full pictures of this shed here

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Going towards the 'budget' end of the scale, this cute and functional shed is right up our street.

Old Garden Shed, Reader Sheds http://www.readersheds.co.uk/share.cfm?SHARESHED=5861

This shed cost between £150 - £249 and makes for the perfect potting shed. Featuring tree branches and decking to hold up the roof, the door of an old shed, woodchip floors, and  oak and plaster walls this is a great example of how you can get your perfect space for minimal money.

You can see some really impressive pictures of this shed here

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If you ever find yourself in Hackney for a night, this party shed is definitely worth checking out!

The Party Shed, Reader Sheds http://www.readersheds.co.uk/share.cfm?SHARESHED=5666

Boasting soundproofing, disco lights, lasers, smoke machines and a huge light up dance floor, this party shed has been a hit with some of the best DJs from the UK and around the World coming to do a set. It really is like having your own nightclub in your back garden, and with the soundproofing they aren't annoying the neighbours so it is a win-win situation for everyone. Fantastic work!

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Everyone loves an old-school campervan and Stephen Alleyne from Norfolk managed to turn his classic Austin J4 pickup truck into a camper shed!

Austin Campershed, Reader Sheds http://www.readersheds.co.uk/share.cfm?SHARESHED=5820

This camper shed is fully equipped with cooker, sink, cupboards and a bed above the cab making it really easy to take on an adventure with a twist.

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Potentially one of the funkiest sheds we've ever seen, this art workshop from Michael in Greater London is truly one of a kind. Michael describes it as his domain, a place where he can go to be in his own world, filled with inspiration and creativity.

Povera, Reader Sheds http://www.readersheds.co.uk/share.cfm?SHARESHED=5774

During the days it opens up to reveal a showcase of his art, which he places around his back garden, and at night it holds all of his pieces so they are safe from the elements. The shed itself is a work of art, made from materials from skips, building sites and left-overs from his old shed. Truly a spectacular building worthy of being an artist's workshop.

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Take a step back in time with this reconstructed early medieval building. Having been built entirely of English oak harvested from tress in Kent, the site of the build and the Longhall area in particular, this building is perfect for anyone who is a fan of the early medieval era.

Wychurst, Reader Sheds http://www.readersheds.co.uk/share.cfm?SHARESHED=5749

This creation is often used by re-enactment societies which is a perfect way to get a real feel for the skills and hard work that went into making both this reconstruction and the original buildings all those years ago.

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Finally, our favourite unique shed. Even though the British sun can sometimes feel like it is lacking a little bit, these guys have found a way to get around it and make sure they get all the sun they possibly can every day.

The Shed, Reader Sheds http://www.readersheds.co.uk/share.cfm?SHARESHED=5604

Constructed to a very high standard, this shed is extensively eco-friendly and made of a timber frame with a copper roof. But, perhaps the most impressive part of this shed is it's ability to rotate 360 degrees, specifically to follow the sun through the day. We love this idea and think it is a fantastic way to encourage yourself to get outside a bit more, even if it is to sit in your super relaxing shed and soak up some sun!

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This year we have seen more people enter than ever before, and more and more people seem to be looking to technology to help make their sheds everything they dreamed of. With hydraulic legs, rotating bases this year and the roof that opened up to reveal an observatory last year, we are sure that many more people are looking for ways to make their sheds tech-friendly.

Do you want to share your favourites with us? Send us a message on Twitter @BuyShedsDirect and include the #shedoftheyear to let everyone know as well!