Why A Log Cabin?
Log cabins have been around for thousands of years. First built in Europe during the bronze age, logcabins, have since become idyllic retreats in 'timber rich' places such as Northern America and North Eastern Europe. 

Originally constructed as temporary structures, for hunters, and new settlers, the uses and availability of log cabins have diversified in recent years. Modern-day log cabins can be used as a garden office, a super-sized play house for the kids, a games room for adults, garden storage, a summer house or just a garden hideaway

Through fears of the recession and slipping house prices across the UK, many people are deciding to 'do-up' their houses and maximise space, rather than make that stressful 'house move'. A log cabin can make a brilliantly stylish and comfortable extra room, and you may not have the same planning restrictions as a brick-built extension (planning permission can vary on cabin size, location and your local councils planning conditions). 

Affordable Quality

(Buy Sheds Direct are a trusted agent, for the high quality and affordable, Ventina Log Cabin range). 

With over 20 years combined knowledge and experience of importing and manufacturing timber products, Ventina works with BuyShedsDirect, and well established, international partners who manufacture log cabins to the highest of standards, supplying quality log cabins at affordable prices. Our log cabins are distributed centrally, conveniently and efficiently, servicing the entire UK. 

We offer:

  • Log Cabins in several Wall Thicknesses - 28mm, 35mm, 45mm & 58mm.

  • Wall Logs machined from Kiln Dried Timber.

  • Hand Finished precision 'Tilt & Turn' opening, Single or Double Glazed Glass Windows.

  • Doors made from Laminated Frames.

  • Adjustable Door Hinges.

  • All Roofs and Floors constructed from 19mm Kiln Dried Tongue and Groove Pine Timbers, to reduce warp or splitting.

  • Treated Floor Bearers as standard.

  • Euro Locking Door Mechanism.

  • Verandas, by way of option on most Buildings.

  • Self-assembly option with Comprehensive Installation Instructions.

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