With 2015 finally here, make this year the one you focus and finish the garden before summer so you can truly enjoy the warm weather we “should” see this year.

Why not start with replacing the shed or if you have a shed that is still standing strong but could do with a bit of TLC, check out our guide here. An absolute must for any shed to keep it standing for a long time is an effective base, this can be achieved using paving slabs.

Using paving slabs for a shed base is an effective method if you are on a budget and are looking for a speedier creation. Other methods include timber bases, concrete and other various methods however if you are looking for something fast and simple then you cannot go wrong with a paving slab base.

Instructions for using paving slabs

  1. Take the measurements of your shed and work out an area within your garden that would suit the shed and clear that area from debris and plants.
  2. Go to your local outdoor DIY store and workout the measurements of the paving slabs and then you can work out how many you will need.
  3. Once the ground is flat you can start to place the slabs starting from one corner. Use a spirit bubble and trowel to move dirt around until you get a flat finish.
  4. Continue placing the slabs from the corner and use excess dirt to make sure the entire shed base is flat. Use a rubber mallet to achieve a solid deep fit.
  5. Some choose to place the slabs together tightly but some others decided to fill in the middle sections with pea gravel as it aids water run off – either way the shed is protected.

There you have it, simple as that. Once the base is created you can start to assemble the shed on top and have a safe and solid base for the shed.

If you would rather have a wooden base, take a look at our video below and learn how to build a shed onto a wooden base.